Bistro MD Diet Delivery: Pros and Cons

The Bistro MD Diet is a food delivery system that provides foods throughout the United States that are both chef and physician approved. The Bistro MD diet was designed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist. In general, these restaurant quality meals are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and average around 1,200 calories total for the day.

Pro: Several Levels To Choose From

The Bistro MD diet offers several different levels of service that help personalize their service based on the dieter’s needs and lifestyle. Option 1 includes seven days of food including two snacks a day. Option 2 only includes seven days of food. Option 3 includes five days of food, including two snacks per day. Option 4 only includes five days of food.

Con: Expensive

While the Bistro MD offers ease and convenience for dieters on a calorically restrictive diet, these restaurant quality meals come with a high price tag. The different options each have a different cost. Option 1 costs approximately $26 per day, Option 2 is approximately $23 per day, Option 3 is $29 per day and Option 4 costs about $26 per day.

Pro: Well Packaged Food

When receiving prepackaged and shipped meals, you may be concerned about the condition they will arrive in. Bistro MD’s food is shipped directly to your doorstep via FedEX. The box is insulated in dry ice and meals should arrive still frozen. The meals are vacuumed sealed in plastic to preserve freshness.

Pro: Clearly Labeled

Each meal in the Bistro MD delivery comes clearly labeled and includes an ingredients list and nutritional information. Due to the clear labeling, this diet is ideal for individuals who are learning portion control and counting calories. After eating on the Bistro MD Diet for several weeks, dieters will learn what a healthy serving size is for most items and also know how many calories they should be consuming per meal.

Con: No Maintenance Plan

The Bistro MD Diet fails to include a maintenance plan. This may make it difficult for some dieters to maintain their weight loss when they stop following the plan. If an individual is willing to remain on the Bistro MD Diet, then this should not be a problem.

Pro: Easy Preparation

All meals in the Bistro MD Diet delivery can be prepared via a microwave or hot water bath. It is recommended that meals defrost prior to preparation. These meal options can be a great time saver.

Pro: Variety

The Bistro MD diet meal plan is organized so that you will not repeat any meals for six weeks. This provides variety and will hopefully prevent dieters from becoming bored.

Con: No Deviation

When on the Bistro MD Diet, there is no wiggle room for dieters. To experience maximum weight loss, dieters are expected to follow the Bistro MD Diet exactly. This leaves no room to deviate from the diet plan. For some individuals, this restriction may be difficult to handle.



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