Birth Control's Effects on Weight

Most birth control is known for causing weight gain in many women. The average weight gain when taking birth control is usually around five pounds depending on the individual and the type of birth control. Usually the weight is caused by water retention and bloating.

Birth control pills contain the hormone estrogen. Estrogen can cause weight gain by causing fluid retention. This can depend on the amount of estrogen in the birth control method. Some pill have higher doses of estrogen which can cause more weight gain. Too much estrogen in the body can also cause other side effects like moodiness.

Combating Weight Gain

If you are taking birth control and are gaining weight there are a couple of options to reduce the weight gain. First make sure that you are eating a diet that is full of healthy foods and try not to overeat. Watching your portion size can help dramatically even if your weight gain is not due to birth control. Then start an exercise program. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Also make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks. These can cause major bloating. If you are already doing these things and are still gaining weight, talk to your doctor to see if there are other options for you besides birth control.

Helping Weight Loss

There are birth control pills that actually claim to help with weight loss. The most common types of birth control are Yasmin or Yaz. Yasmin has a different type of hormone in it called dorspirenon. This hormone helps with other problems also such as acne. Yasmin works differently than other birth control because it prevents ovulation. The company claims that there are other side effects with taking these as well as any type of birth control.

Other Options

There are other options to use as birth control so that you do not have to worry about the side effects that some birth controls have. Here are a few suggestions

IUD–An IUD is a intrauterine device that works to prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg. You need to have it placed by a doctor and checked every year for up to 5 years. This is a good type of birth control if you are planning on waiting to start a family, but if you change your mind it is simply remove by a doctor with no side effects.

Vaginal Contraceptive Ring–The vaginal contraceptive ring is placed, by you, inside the vagina and left there for three weeks. Then, after your period, you will place another one in. It works by releasing hormones, just like birth control pills.

If you are looking for a birth control method without all of the side effects, talk to your doctor. She can help to find the right type for you.


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