Bikram Yoga: Who Should NOT Practice

Bikram yoga is a popular style of yoga that’s perform in a room heated to about 105 degrees F and kept at about 40% humidity. While Bikram yoga has many therapeutic benefits, it’s a strenuous workout and isn’t suited for everyone. Here are some of the people who should consult their doctor before attempting this vigorous practice, or who should not practice at all.

Those with Chronic Medical Conditions Like Diabetes

People suffering from chronic medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease or respiratory disease shouldn’t practice Bikram yoga. These conditions increase your sensitivity to heat and make it more likely that you could suffer from a heat related illness as a result of Bikram yoga practice.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should not practice Bikram yoga. The series of 26 postures is too strenuous and the sauna-like conditions could be dangerous for pregnant women. Pregnant women can experiment with pre-natal yoga instead.


Insomniacs may want to exercise caution when attempting a Bikram yoga practice, especially if they’ve not been sleeping well in the days immediately before the practice. Sleep deprivation increases your risk of developing heat related illness.

Those with a History of Heat Related Illness

Those with a history of heat stroke or other heat related illness should not practice Bikram yoga. Having a history of heat related illness means you’re more likely to succumb to the heat.

Anyone on Medications

Anyone on medications should refrain from Bikram yoga practice, or at least consult their doctor before beginning the practice. Some medications may change the way your body responds to heat, making the practice dangerous.


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  • T’Arah Craig

    The issue about pregnant women and Bikram yoga definitely require some clarifications:
    If you have never done Bikram yoga, or only take class occasionally, then its not a good idea for when you are pregnant.

    However, if you do Bikram regularly (4 or more times a week) and you find you are pregnant, then continue, your body already knows how to adjust to the heat, so your baby will too, and it will keep you healthy and more connected with what your body is doing. Many women who come regularly to class have taken while they were pregnant and they has beautiful, healthy babies and wonderful birth experiences. Plus there was less problems with postpartum depression, and their bodies were back to being in amazing shape right away.

  • ed s

    bikram yoga can cure diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease as it improves both oxygenation of lungs and blood, decreases blood pressure, and reduces cholesterol, so it is a shame that this misinformation may prevent someone from reaping the amazing benefits of BIKRAM