Bikini Bootcamp

The Bikini Bootcamp diet was invented by Erica Gragg and Melissa Perlman, who founded the Amansala Spa in Mexico. They claim that their diet can help you lose four to ten pounds in just two weeks. The diet includes meditation exercises, motivation techniques, healthy diet and regular exercise. For a review of the Bikini Bootcamp Diet, read on. 

The Premise

The Bikini Bootcamp diet uses exercise, nutrition and psychological motivation techniques to help you lose four to ten pounds in two weeks. The Bikini Bootcamp diet seeks to create a home spa experience in which dieters meditate, exercise, eat well and perform psychological motivation exercises. The Bikini Bootcamp offers spa-like rewards at the end of the day, including beauty treatments, herbal baths and facials.

The Diet

The Bikini Bootcamp Diet recommends that dieters always eat breakfast. Suggested breakfast foods include eggs, yogurt and fruit. The Bikini Bootcamp teaches dieters to eat when hungry, whether a healthy snack or acceptable portions of healthy food for a meal. The Bikini Bootcamp advises dieters to eat mindfully, and appreciate the experience of the food.

Gragg and Perlman encourage Bikini Bootcamp dieters to be gentle on themselves if they should break the diet. While they claim that their diet can help you lose up to ten pounds quickly, they also feel that dieters should come away from this two week diet plan with a greater awareness of nutrition and the health benefits of eating and exercising properly. The Bikini Bootcamp is designed to effect a long term lifestyle change, and for this reason, Gragg and Perlman encourage dieters to regard the diet as a journey, rather than a destination. If you foul up, forgive yourself and start again at your next meal.

What to Get Excited Over

Bikini Bootcamp presents a more balanced, holistic approach than do some temporary diets, by placing emphasis on the psychological factors that can affect our diets, as well as encouraging regular exercise and healthy eating. The Bikini Bootcamp can help you lay the foundation for permanent healthy changes in your lifestyle.

Things to Consider

You’ll need to allow for extra meal preparation time if you follow this diet. The Bikini Bootcamp takes a great deal of self-discipline to complete. Gragg and Perlman suggest a high physical activity level of up to two hours per day, which can be demanding for many dieters and can really put a cramp in a busy person’s schedule.

The Verdict

The Bikini Bootcamps claims that it can help you lose up to ten pounds in two weeks may not hold true for all dieters. However, the Bikini Bootcamp does help dieters learn a healthier approach to nutrition and appropriate exercise. The Bikini Bootcamp can be a great crash course in the principals of healthy eating and regular exercise. Following the key principals of this diet in the long term can help you maintain a healthy weight.


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