Bikini Bootcamp: 8 Pros and Cons

Bikini Bootcamp was created by Melissa Perlman and Erica Gragg. These women own a spa in Mexico, which is a popular wellness retreat for supermodels and celebrities to help lose weight and tone up overall. The creators of Bikini Bootcamp state that individuals may lose between 4 to 10 pounds in only two weeks on this plan.

Pro: Comprehensive Program

Bikini Bootcamp is a well-rounded program that focuses on the major points that compose a successful weight loss program. Bikini Bootcamp focuses on exercise, healthy eating, motivation techniques and meditation.

Pro: Designed to Build You Up

While the term “bootcamp” may be intimidating, the creators of the Bikini Bootcamp state that the aim of this diet is to build you up. This diet is designed to make you feel energized and motivated, not fatigued. Erica Gragg says that they selected the term bootcamp to reflect the resolve and self-discipline required for Bikini Bootcamp.

Con: Time Commitment

Specifically regarding the workout plan, individuals are expected to commit a minimum of 115 minutes a day and up to 135 minutes a day to working out. That is nearly two hours every day. The average busy woman has a tough time squeezing in more than 45 minutes a day to workout, much less two hours. This expectation could be difficult for some dieters.

Pro: Diet Can Be Completed at Home

While this diet was designed for individuals at a spa retreat, Bikini Bootcamp is created so you can also reap the successes of the spa retreat in the comforts of your own home. Perlman and Gragg provide you with relaxation techniques, exercises and a meal plan that you can do at home.

Pro: Spa Treatments

Bikini Bootcamp includes soothing spa treatments that you can complete at home. These include recipes for facials, herbal baths and cleansing beauty treatments. The list includes spa treatments like the Cooling Cucumber & Honey Scalp Treatment and the Oatmeal Rose Skin Restoring Bath.

Con: Unrealistic Expectations

Bikini Bootcamp states that dieters can lose between 4 to 10 pounds in two weeks. The four pounds is a realistic expectation, but to lose up to 10 pounds in only two weeks without medical supervision could be unhealthy for some people. The Mayo Clinic recommends that healthy weight loss be achieved slowly and steadily with a loss of approximately two pounds per week.

Pro: Promotes Lifestyle Changes

Perlman and Gragg promote this plan as a lifestyle change, not as a short-term diet. While the diet is designed for a two-week overhaul of your diet and lifestyle, the aim is for you to make permanent changes to how you exercise, relax and eat.

Pro: Workout Plan

Any well-rounded weight loss plan should incorporate an exercise program. Bikini Bootcamp recommends 40 minutes of circuit training a day, 20 minutes of core strengthening every other day, 15 minutes of yoga per day and 60 minutes of walking a day.

In general, Bikini Bootcamp is a balanced plan for individuals looking to lose weight or start a new healthy lifestyle. A healthy recommendation would be for individuals to remain on this diet for longer than two weeks and to lower weight loss expectations to 1 to 2 pounds per week.


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