Biggest Loser Club

Based on the popular television with the same name, the Biggest Loser Club is a rigorous diet program that combines healthy eating with a structured workout program. This diet was created by the experts and cast of the television show under the guidance of Dr. Maggie Greenwood-Robinson. The workout program combines both strength training with cardiovascular activities. This well-rounded combination of healthy eating and exercise should help most individuals lose weight.

The Diet

When on the Biggest Loser Club, you will be eating three meals a day along with three snacks. The meal plan that you are given is based around the food groups. Your daily meal plan is broken into the following sections:

For breakfast you can enjoy a fruit, two servings of whole grains and one serving of dairy. For a morning snack, enjoy another piece of fruit with a serving of protein. At lunch, dieters are allowed two servings of protein, two vegetables, a whole grain and one sauce. The afternoon snack is one vegetable combined with one sauce and the dinner is two proteins, two vegetables, one whole grain and a sauce. You are allowed to end your day with a serving of fruit and a serving of dairy. In addition to following the suggested meal plan, individuals are advised to consume large amounts of water and to avoid artificial sweeteners.

Workout Plan

The workout plan on the Biggest Loser Club is designed to help you lose weight without losing lean muscle mass. According to the trainers behind the Biggest Loser Club, individuals who lose weight only by restricting calories will slow down their metabolism. When individuals lose weight while maintaining lean muscle mass, they will be able to lose weight faster and have a better change to maintain weight loss.

The workout plan of the Biggest Loser is designed around the concept of circuit training and workouts can be completed in as little as 30 minutes per day. The circuits combine cardiovascular activity with strength training exercises.

What to Get Excited About

The Biggest Loser Club is based upon both scientific research and actual human trials. The science behind the diet is that when individuals limit their daily caloric intake to no more than seven times their body weight, combined with exercise, then they should experience weight loss.

If you are a fan of the Biggest Loser television show, then this may be the diet for you. The Biggest Loser Club book includes behind the scenes stories about the television show and motivational stories of individuals who have achieved success following the diet.

Things to Consider

While this diet has the same name as the television show, most individuals should not expect to see the same rate of weight loss. Often contestants on the show worked out for three or more hours a day, which is very difficult for individuals at home to do. Individuals need to know that their weight loss may be slower than the Biggest Loser contestants on television and should avoid getting discouraged.


This one gets two thumbs up! The Biggest Loser Diet combines a reasonable and healthy meal plan with a workout plan. According to the Mayo Clinic, the best chances for an individual to successfully lose weight is by combining a healthy diet with regular exercise.


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