Big Weight Loss in 2 DVDs

If you make New Years Resolutions, chances are that fat loss is somewhere on the list. If you like exercising at home instead of the gym, or if you just want a good backup workout for home, then you may be interested in our most recent reviews of Fat Burning Videos. We chose two excellent videos to help you get your goals moving forward on the right foot.

shortcuts to big weight loss dvd
First up, we have one of Prevention Magazine’s video lineup, led by Chris Freytag. Chris is a board member of the American Council on Exercise, and an editor at Prevention magazine, so you’ll know you are in good hands. We watched Prevention Fitness: Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss, which has 3 energy packed, 10 minute workouts. Do one or all three, if you can handle it! These videos are fun. Chris will keep you hopping from one move to another so boredom doesn’t settle in.

The first routine in Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss is Cardio Sculpt – a fun routine that even though dumbbells are light, you will feel it! Beginners can skip weights, and intermediate exercisers can use slightly heavier dumbbells. Pilates Sculpt is approximately a half standing – half floor routine, with a beginner modification. The last section is Kickbox Sculpt – a short, but high energy workout. It’s full of fast punches, kicks, squats, working in intervals that get your heart rate up and your muscles working. There is also a beginner modification if you need help. In all three segments, Chris is a pleasant leader – very upbeat and not chatty. This is a very well rounded workout for beginners and intermediates alike.

ultimate fat burn dvdOur next video is Ultimate Fat Burn! by Women’s Health Magazine, who tout that this workout, led by celeb trainer Amy Dixon, burns up to 500 calories! This is also a high energy, weighted workout. It is slightly more difficult with foot movement, but even those of us with two left feet can keep up. Even an experienced weight trainer will let out a few grunts in this video. Between grunts, though, you’ll get good tips and also some non-weighted cardio. You’re going to alternate weights and cardio throughout the video. Towards the end of the workout, there are a few more advanced move, but modifiers are available until you are able to keep up. This is probably not a good choice for a brand spanking new exerciser, but if you consider yourself slightly above beginner, give it a shot and find a deliciously motivating workout to challenge you! The trainer is only slightly chatty, and you can tell she is working hard – always a good combination in our book. Choose this video, and weight loss is imminent!

Both of these videos are available at Amazon at reduced prices. Check out Prevention Fitness: Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss and Ultimate Fat Burn!


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