Beverly Hills Diet: Pros and Cons

The Beverly Hills Diet is a diet that was created by an actress named Judy Mazel with the help from Michael Wyatt back in 1982. This diet is based on the idea of food combinations. There are no food restrictions, but only certain foods can be eaten together. Another main idea behind this diet is fruit enzymes. Enzymes help speed up the metabolism and help with digestion. This is believed to speed up the removal of fat deposits, but there is no scientific data to back up this claim. Because of the uncommon nature of The Beverly Hills Diet, there are many who are unsure if this is really the diet for them.

Pro: Many Have Found Success

As this diet is appropriately named, this diet is well-known and widely used amongst some of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Some of these people are Lisa Minnelli, Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster and Marie Osmond. These celebrities and many others have done this diet and have claimed to have had great results from it. This can be a little misleading because celebrities do have access to personal trainers and additional resources that the average person may not have access to.

Con: A Bit Confusing

Even though there are no food restrictions with this diet, only certain foods can be combined with each other. Because of this, it may be tough to remember what foods can be combined with what. The theory behind the food combinations is that by combining certain foods, the body will be able to digest, absorb and use the food more effectively.

Pro: Claims Rapid Weight Loss

Any diet that claims to facilitate losing large amounts of weight in a short period of time is always appealing. This diet also makes that claim. Another plus to the rapid weight loss is that you are doing it by eating the types of foods you want to eat. You do have to stick with the food combinations, but no food is against the rules. 

Con: Created by an Actress, not a Fitness Professional

This diet was created by an actress who has no formal training in the health field. In addition, there was no input from anyone in that field to help create this diet. Because of that, it is hard to trust the claims that this diet is making. No scientific studies have been done to back up these claims and no case studies have been completed to show how the diet affects certain people. This is why it’s hard to accept this diet as a true lifestyle change instead of the quick crash diet it seems to be. 

While there are a few positives to this diet, there seem to be many more negatives. There is little research to back up the claims made by this diet, and the main users of this diet are the Hollywood elite. It is tough to trust their endorsements because they have many additional resources available to them. This diet may be a bit outdated and not beneficial for long-term weight loss.


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