Beverly Hills Diet Menu Plan

The Beverly Hills Diet, by Judy Mazel, is a 35-day digestion enhancing eating plan that was first introduced in 1981. Mazel claims that improper utilization of food is what makes people fat.

The Beverly Hills Diet separates food groups into the following categories:

Fruits–carbohydrates that are a separate group due to the quick digestive properties.
Carbohydrates–everything other than protein.
Protein–obtained from meat, dairy and sources of vegetable protein.
Fats–avoid animal, saturated and trans fats, which slow digestion.

The premise of the Beverly Hills Diet is that food doesn’t make you fat, but improper digestion does. Mixing food groups such as proteins and carbs can result in slow absorption, turning fuel to fat. Judy Mazel claims that if your digestion is working efficiently, all of the food you eat will be metabolized properly.

How the Diet Works

Two words: conscious combining. The theory is that if you eat foods in the right combinations, the digestion works more efficiently, which makes your body run better. The result is that you won’t store food as fat. The basic rules of conscious combining are:

1. Eat proteins with proteins and carbohydrates with carbohydrates. Fruit should always be eaten alone and should never be combined with any other food group.
2. Begin each day by eating an enzyme-rich fruit such as pineapple, strawberries or grapes. This gets your digestion in good working order for the day. Don’t mix fruits and wait at least an hour before switching from eating one fruit to the next. For example, eat only strawberries. If you want to eat grapes, wait at least an hour. Wait two hours before switching to another food group.
3. Once you eat any kind of carb (not including fruit), such as vegetables, cereals or grains, you should eat only carbs. You should wait two hours before switching to proteins and the two should never be combined.
4. Once you eat protein, you should stick with eating mostly protein the rest of the day. Protein should never be combined with carbohydrates.
5. Fats can be eaten with protein or carbohydrates, but never with fruit.

The Beverly Hills Diet Menu Plan

Day 1: Pineapple, corn on the cob, salad
Day 2: Prunes, strawberries, baked potato
Day 3: Grapes
Day 4: Dried apricots, salad, pasta
Day 5: Pineapple, papaya
Day 6: Papaya, steak, shrimp
Day 7: Pineapple, salad
Day 8: Grapes
Day 9: Prunes, strawberries, chicken (or turkey)
Day 10: Dried apricots, papaya, pineapple
Day 11: Watermelon
Day 12: Dried apricots, avocado sandwich, veggies with rice
Day 13: Grapes, two bananas
Day 14: Pineapple, strawberries, binge day with discretion
Day 15: Pineapple, salad
Day 16: Dried apricots, pineapple, papaya
Day 17: Watermelon
Day 18: Figs, dessert, choice of protein
Day 19: Mango, pineapple, asparagus, potatoes
Day 20: Kiwi, binge day with discretion, limited protein
Day 21: Pineapple, two bananas
Day 22: Cherries, special bedtime treat
Day 23: Prunes, sandwich, choice of fish or other protein
Day 24: Pineapple, papaya
Day 25: Watermelon
Day 26: Free day
Day 27: Free Day
Day 28: Pineapple, papaya
Day 29: Watermelon or grapes
Day 30: Prunes, vegetable sandwich, choice of carbs
Day 31: Orange juice, melon, choice of sandwich with protein
Day 32: Protein
Day 33: Pineapple, two bananas
Day 34: Pineapple, papaya
Day 35: Watermelon or grapes


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  • marie del papa

    I have been on the Beverly Hills diet for 25 years ; it’s my way of eating. I have maintained my weight and I eat everything in required sequence and at mandated times. I think it’s great that I can eat as much as I want the only sacrafice is that I cant mix fruits, carbohydrates and protiens. But, that’s fine with me. I believe that this is the only diet that works for people who love to eat a lot.

  • Colleen Felippio

    I have to agree with Marie. I have tried every diet imaginable over the past 20 years and I always go back to this one. It really works!!!!

  • amal

    hi can someone give me the diet please .thnx

  • Taelor Petreaux

    I am currently as student at the National Personal Training Institute located in San Diego. This week we have been assigned to write a two page report on Fad Diets. I chose this diet because my aunt tried this diet for 35 days. Whats most interesting in the research I have done is that the author of this book and creator of the diet has NO education or training in nutrition. This diet is not safe for anyone to partake in as there is no real nutritional value in this diet, other than loads of sugar from all the fruit the dieter is consuming. Make sure you do lots of research before taking up a diet. My aunt got on this diet because she had heard it was good from someone else who did it. You’re doing yourself an injustice by not properly educating yourself and blindly consuming.

  • Taelor Petreaux

    I’m not hating, I’m merely an educated consumer if you will

  • Sarena Fuller

    Now, now – there are fruits and veggies on this diet that are loaded with nutrients. Why, pineapple alone has antioxidants like vit C, bromelain and fiber for digestion, vit B1 for energy, copper and manganese. As an educated consumer, you know full well that balance is the key to everything! You can die from consuming too much of anything, including water. I’d like to see a bit more protein and leafy greens in the Beverly Hills diet, but it’s certainly not the worst fad diet out there.

  • Shelley Barker

    First off, I am a product of the original Beverly Hills Diet. This is not the original diet so at least publish the original. I was 170lbs with no hope in the early eighties. Then this diet which touted healthful foods and an interesting premise with regard to digestion. It had not been addressed before. Thank God Judy Mazel did! And I mean Thank God. I eliminated sodas, sugar in my coffee and tea, learned to appreciate fruits, vegetables, unsalted nuts and good unadulterated meats long before you all even thought about it. I lost 60 lbs and I have NEVER gained it back. I to this day think about food combinations, “day after the binge” maintenance. I watch my salt intake, never drink a diet soda, love water, eat lots of raw food and have never added another sugar to my coffee. I eat very well, given to experimentation with all kinds of new horizons in food and I still weigh 100 lbs and I am 53 years old. Ms. Mazel’s principles still live in me to this day. I’m just sorry I could not have told her when she was alive. Everyone thinks we are having such a revolution in our nutrition, it started in my mind in 1982. Ms. Mazel may not have had “formal” training, but her instincts where spot on. Signed, Glad I Learned from Ms.Mazel, Forever Thin.

  • Nathan Tan Yap

    Please I want the diet menu plan of Judy Mazel

  • SunneyDay

    Natural sugar from fruit, which is mostly water, is not the same as refined sugar. Not to mention that you pee most of it out anyway. The fruit days mostly cause loss of bloat and water weight.

    I will never not find it funny that people equate eating fruit with eating candy. It’s natural for fuck’s sake.

  • Esme Odendaal

    I was asked about this original pineapple diet a few days ago, dug up the original book of the 80’s (my late mother gave it to me in desperation after I gained 10 kgs in two years after I left home). Remember this was before anyone became green! The only real food were barbecues, fish and chips, burgers, roasts and rice, veggies cooked with cream and sprinkled with crips and everything baked in fat! Long before living healthy was fashionable. I lost 9 kgs in 30 days and now 30 years later, it is still off. Thank you Judy Mazel. Rest in peace! You made me wear jeans again after I walked around in pregnancy wear. I learnt to enjoy fruit ( as much as I pleased) and loved losing weight all the while slowly getting back to eating normal during the diet (an added bonus of having changed my habits). I know a lot of criticism is out there, but in the 80’s we did not have the internet, twitter, Facebook or health magazines. We had paperbacks, comics, cookbooks and monthly magazines and the library! Cheers Judy, wherever you are as I lift my pineapple smoothie to you!