Best Tasting Protein Shake: Perfect Post Workout Drink

If you are trying to lose weight, add nutrition to your diet, or gain muscle mass, it’s important for you to know the features of the best tasting protein shake for the perfect post workout drink.  

What A Protein Shake Is

A protein shake is simply a drink that contains certain nutrients that your body needs to rebuild itself after working out.  There are many to choose from, but not all have the same nutritional value. In fact, some can even defeat your purpose.

What It Should Contain

A protein shake that is most beneficial to you should have some essential ingredients that complement your other efforts to lose weight and gain important muscle mass. 

The protein shakes that are the best for you contain these three key ingredients:

  1. Isolate protein powder- to ease digestion and aid in muscle repair and gain.
  2. Carbohydrates- to increase your insulin levels.
  3. Glutamine- an essential amino acid to aid in quicker recovery.


There are several options to choose from when looking for a protein shake that contains all of the appropriate nutrition and ingredients. 

GNC has several brands and flavors: Unjury, Optimum’s 100% Whey, Isomatri to name a few.

Many brands offer a variety of options to cater to your personal taste, the consistency you prefer, and what you can afford.  The two top best tasting protein shakes post workout are Unjury and Optimum’s 100% Whey.


Unjury brand is available online and the following flavors are available:

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • strawberry sorbet
  • chicken soup 
  • unflavored

Unjury contains all of the best ingredients for optimum benefits and comes in full size containers as well as in single serve packets.  The price is also reasonable, starting at $18.95 for the flavored full size. 

Optimum’s 100% Whey

This protein shake is rated best tasting and comes in a large variety of options, so you can experiment and find the one that best fits your needs and tastes.  100% Oats and Whey comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors, and the three pound tub starts at $35.99.

There are other price ranges and flavors to choose from, depending on the specific product used. This brand is widely available.


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