Best Protein Supplement For Your Vitamin Cabinet

If you are working out hard, or on a high protein diet, you may want to consider boosting your protein intake by choosing the best protein supplement for your needs. Mainly derived from whey or beef liver, these pills are meant to be taken as part of a high protein diet and can make a nice addition to your vitamin cabinet if used appropriately.

Why Protein?

Protein contains the essential amino acids your body needs to create muscle and it is the main component of muscle tissue. If you are trying to build your muscles, lifting weights alone is not enough. Your body needs these essential elements to grow. If you work out regularly, your body uses its protein stores quickly, so you should increase your protein levels higher than the average person to continue producing muscle.

By keeping your protein high, you can also help to burn extra fat stores because protein also increases metabolism and burns fat stores faster. It also keeps you feeling full for longer which leads to less overeating. These pills can be helpful for weight loss, as well as building mass.

Why Protein Pills?

Protein pills enhance your diet. They are an easy way to add extra protein to your daily routine and will be very helpful if you are trying to gain extra muscle. They also:

  • provide quick results
  • save time on cooking 
  • are easy and quick to take

Tips To Enhace Protein Pill Supplements

These pills should be taken preferably with a meal as a supplement to your regular lean protein diet, not as a replacement for food.  Many brands recommend taking several pills daily, and in this case they can be spread out over many meals.

Timing is key; many of these supplements include B complex or B-12, a natural energy booster. If you work out late in the day, you may want to avoid taking the pills pre-workout.  

Don’t forgo your regular diet; these pills are meant to be taken as a supplement to a healthy diet rich in lean protein, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. Eating healthy has much greater benefit overall than taking protein supplements to get your nutrients. Protein pills can fill the gap in your diet by adding some extra protein, but should never be used as a substitute for protein derived from food.


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