Best Life Diet: Pros and Cons

The Best Life Diet was created by Biggest Loser Trainer, Bob Greene. This diet includes an eating plan in addition to a healthy lifestyle plan. Greene designed this diet with the hopes that it would be more of a lifestyle change than a short-term diet.

Pro: Sensible And Maintainable Meal Plans

The Best Life Diet includes an eating plan that is based on a semi-calorically restrictive meal plan that includes variety and splurges. Greene believes that if he can teach people healthy eating habits and show them that healthy food can taste good, then individuals will be able to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

Pro: Slow And Steady Changes

On Greene’s Best Life Diet, individuals will go through a three-phase process. During the first phase, you are not expected to maintain a strict diet. Phase one aims to establish healthy eating patterns and increase physical activity. Phase two aims for individuals to experience significant weight loss through dietary changes and hunger control. This phase teaches individuals how to recognize hunger signals and to learn how to stop eating once full. Phase three is a maintenance plan. This plan is structured so that dieters can learn how to have a healthy diet while maintaining their weight loss.

Con: Commercialism In Food Choices

On the Best Life Diet, Greene recommends specific brands of foods instead of general recommendations. This is done because Greene has a marketing agreement with several food manufactures, such as Yoplait and Slimfast, and is paid to recommend their product. For some dieters, these particular foods may be difficult to find or may cost more than a comparable food.

Pro: Eating is Allowed

The Best Life Diet is designed to take the worry out of eating and to break the habit of obsessing over what cannot be eaten when on a diet. This diet focuses on all the great things dieters can eat. Furthermore, Greene never prohibits sugars on the Best Life Diet. He understands that eliminating any food group would be impossible and instead recommends limiting foods that have unnecessary added sugars.

Pro: Learning Healthy Choices

The Best Life Diet teaches dieters about healthy food choices, such as when to choose whole grain over white pasta. These small changes teach dieters how to change unhealthy behaviors. Greene does not preach restriction but instead believes that individuals can lead a healthier life once they have the knowledge about healthy food and exercise.

Pro: Slowly Introducing Exercise

In all phases of the Best Life Diet, Greene stresses physical activity, yet he understands that this may be a challenge for some individuals. During the first phase, Greene just advises individuals to get moving. The physical activity will increase with each phase. Greene describes and promotes exercise as something you will like, not a chore that you must do. This change in opinion is refreshing and motivating.

Overall, the Best Life Diet is a well-designed diet that is based on respected scientific weight loss practices. This diet allows for slow weight loss and teaches healthy eating habits, overall lifestyle changes and promotes an exercise routine. 


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