Best Diet Aids: Complimenting Your Nutrition Decisions

There are many claims that certain products are the best diet aids available, but how do they really stack up? A diet aid is not a magic silver bullet that solves your weight problem, however, they can effectively compliment your nutrition decisions by providing a little additional weight loss support (while you are working to improve your diet and exercise).

Hoodia, Phentermine, green tea and Alli are all really popular diet aids on the market today and each work in a different way to help you lose weight.


Hoodia is mainly sold online and is a natural appetite suppressant. It has been effective for some, but it is processed by many different companies (so be sure you get a legitimate product). Because it is an over-the-counter pill, its interaction with other drugs has not been thoroughly studied. Many doctors recommend not using it if you have liver or kidney disease.


Phentermine, a prescription drug, has been around for years and can be effective in helping you lose weight quickly (although generally most people gain the weight back since it doesn’t require any change in diet or eating habits to lose the weight). There are many side effects, including vomiting, irregular heartbeat, tremors and seizures. Additionally, an overdose of Phentermine can cause death.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural diet aid that has been used throughout Asia for centuries. It is said to have many fat burning capabilities, as well as provide general health benefits. While drinking the tea does boost your metabolism and act as a thermogenic agent, it also is packed with caffeine which can cause nervousness, insomnia, irritability and headaches (as well as increased heart rate and blood pressure).


Alli, an over-the-counter weight loss pill, is a fat blocker that prevents fat from being absorbed. It has been shown to work, but also has some undesirable side effects like “fatty stools, gas, and/or inability to control bowel movements.”

While these diet aids can be beneficial in giving you a jumpstart to losing weight, nothing can beat changing your eating habits and working out regularly. Be sure to work on your diet and exercise program while you are losing weight with any diet aid for lasting results.




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