Berry Nutrition Info: Which Ones Are the Healthiest?

Delicious berries are some of the most popular fruits in the world, and when you take a look at berry nutrition information, it’s obvious that they are great for you as well. If you are looking to get the most nutritional bang for your buck, take a look at these berry nutrition facts to figure out which berries are healthiest.

Red Berries

Raspberries and strawberries are wonderful plain, in smoothies, and mixed with other fruits. One cup of plain raspberries has 64 calories, and seven of those are fat calories. However, it’s healthy fat rather than saturated or trans fat. One cup of raspberries also has 32% of the fiber you need in a day, which is great for weight loss! Enjoying a cup of raspberries provides you with just over 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Furthermore, it’s packed with vitamin K, manganese and magnesium.

One cup of strawberries has only 49 calories, quite a bit less than a cup of raspberries. Less than 10% of those calories are fat, and it provides 12% of your recommended daily fiber intake. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, as well—one cup provides 149% of the recommended daily amount. Folate and potassium are also abundant in strawberries. This makes them a great choice for pregnant women; folate is recommended due to its help in cell development and growth. Potassium also helps muscle cramps, so strawberries can help if you experience lots of charlie horse cramps or other painful muscle aches.

Blueberries and Blackberries

Blueberries and blackberries are just as tasty as raspberries and strawberries, and they have lots of health benefits as well. One cup of blueberries has 84 calories, making it the berry with the highest calorie count. However, less than 5% of those are fat calories. Eating one cup of blueberries gives you 14% of the fiber you need, as well as 24% of your daily vitamin C.

Blackberries have 62 calories per cup, and only six of those are fat calories. Its nutritional stats are impressive—one cup has 31% of the recommended daily fiber amount and 50% of the recommended vitamin C intake. It’s also full of vitamin E and folate; the folate makes it a healthy choice for pregnant women, just like strawberries.

The Healthiest Choice

Obviously, all of these berries are healthy choices, especially if you choose them over processed, fatty snacks. Blueberries are slightly less healthy than other choices; they have the most calories, less fiber than raspberries and blackberries, and less vitamin C than all of the other berries. Fiber is an important part of staying healthy, and in that regard, raspberries are the healthiest. Strawberries are the best for weight loss due to their low calorie count; the low calorie count is due to its high water content, so you can get full on less food.

All of these berries are great choices, and figuring out which is healthiest is dependent on your health and weight loss goals. No matter what, you can never go wrong with picking a bowl of berries instead of a bowl of popcorn or chips.


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