Benefits of Weighted Hula Hoops

Weighted hula hoops share many common traits with the plastic hula hoops designed for kids. However, weighted hula hoops are serious fitness devices that have many useful benefits for adults. If you’re considering using weighted hula hoops for your fitness regimen, here are a few useful benefits that they can provide.

Easier to Use

If you’ve ever used a children’s hula hoop, it may have seemed impossible to use. Weighted hula hoops are larger is size than most children’s plastic hula hoops. They measure around 38 to 42 inches. In addition to the size, weighted hula hoops also weight considerably more. The average weight hula hoop weighs 3 to 5 pounds. If you choose to use weighted hula hoops that weighs more than that, be careful. Weighted hula hoops over 5 pounds in weight can lead to injury.

Increased Strength and Flexibility in Your Core

Weighted hula hoops require a significant sense of timing and rhythm. In addition, weighted hula hoops offer resistance for your muscles when exercising with them. When using weighted hula hoops for your exercise regimen, you can improve your sense of coordination while at the same time strengthening the muscles in your core. It takes quite a few muscles in your core area to perform hula hooping. As you perform hula hooping, you also increase the range of motions these muscles can make. This in turn increases your flexibility. Especially important is the flexibility you can bring to your spine by using weighted hula hoops. This can lead to preventing back problems down the road.

Excellent Cardio Exercise

Hula hooping with weighted hula hoops is an excellent source of cardio. Their ease of use allows you to be able to hoop for longer, thereby increasing your heart rate enough to get an aerobic workout out of it. Researchers believe that an exercise using weighted hula hoops can give you just as much of a workout, if not more, than similar intense cardio exercises, such as the treadmill or biking.

Can Be Done with the Kids

Hula hooping is fun! Therefore, this is an activity you can do with the whole family. It will encourage healthy lifestyle choices not only for you, but for your kids as well. Hula hooping with weighted hula hoops is a lively way of getting exercise that can keep you and your kids from the boredom that many exercise programs can cause.

Hula hooping is not just for kids anymore. Weighted hula hoops make it possible for adults to tap into this source of fun, easy health. Exercising even just 10 minutes with weighted hula hoops can do so much more for you than sitting on the couch and watching TV. Hula hooping may not be the fastest way to a healthier life, but it’s better than nothing and can become the gateway to a more active and healthy lifestyle.


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