Benefits of Drinking Water Daily

It is often said that drinking water is very important, however, if you ask most people what the benefits are, many are stumped. Since the inception of bottled water, the daily consumption has risen considerably, especially when other choices such as soda, coffee and even fruit juice have been negatively critiqued. More and more people are reaching for packaged water, filtered containers or retrofitting their home to purify their tap water. Understanding the reason so many of us go to these lengths for clean drinkable water will make the journey that much more worth it.


A large amount of Americans are dehydrated, with the numbers coming in at around seventy percent. Dehydration is the jumping off point for a downward spiral in health that can lead to such ailments as dry skin, fatigue, joint pain, certain cancers, and some studies suggest that lack of water consumption can possibly contribute to the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Weight Loss

Dieting is a rough road that is especially difficult for the body to adjust to. Along with fat elimination comes the release of many bound up toxins let loose into the bloodstream. These free radicals can become potentially dangerous unless flushed out by water consumption. When you do not drink water, the body retains it because it thinks it is not getting any more. Toxins pool in these areas and weight is added as well. You must drink water to get rid of water. In addition, even a small bout with dehydration can slow a person’s metabolism by as much as three to five percent. This means that if you are trying to lose weight and mostly drinking diet colas, it will be much more difficult to shed those pounds. Plus, Washington University has a study claiming that a single glass of water can slow down and in some cases stave off hunger for several hours. 

GI Tract

Your gastrointestinal tract is a major location for continued good health. It is here where the absorption of vitamins and minerals fuels our lives as well as maintains our immune system. Water keeps the gastrointestinal tract clear of harmful bacteria and the intestinal walls free of residue that can retard absorption capacity. Drinking water will also continue healthy and more comfortable elimination.

Cellular Plumping

When hydrated on a daily basis, skin cells have been known to plump up giving the skin tone, shine and an overall healthy appearance.

De-press Depression

Water is essential to the production of serotonin, the important neurotransmitter that enables the brain to maintain overall health especially mood and drive. Neurotransmitters that haphazardly fire due to low water consumption is a prime cause of depression and other mental afflictions.

Seeing Is Believing

The cornea in the human eye is made up of eighty percent of water. Therefore, daily water consumption benefits eye health considerably by moisturizing and lubricating. Dry eye syndrome is more common among women who are thought to suffer due to hormonal fluctuation which can also be alleviated by water intake.

Muscle Cramps

Muscles need water to stay palpable and elastic. If they do not get it regularly, they will cramp up causing much pain including the ever ailing back. Simple water ingestion can help.

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