Bench Exercises: Weight Plate Trunk Twist

A weight plate can be a helpful tool for many different reasons. First, weight plates are used to increase the weight on barbells and other machines that you may find in a gym or, if you have exercise equipment at home, in an at-home studio. However, weight plates can also be used by themselves to help facilitate certain other types of exercises.

A weight plate trunk twist is a great way to make use of a single weight plate. You will also need an exercise bench or some other long, flat surface on which you can sit. Because both of these pieces of equipment are relatively easy to come by, it’s fairly common for people to have a good set of these pieces in their home. This makes it easy to complete the weight plate trunk twist without going to a gym, and allows you to be better able to include it in a standard workout regimen.

Exercise Basics

In order to accomplish the weight plate trunk twist you’ll need to first position yourself on the bench. The standard method of completing this trunk twist is to sit on the edge of the bench with your back straight but reclined slightly. Your legs should be crossed at the shins and held up above the ground and even with the plane of the bench. As you’re getting into position, hold the weight plate to your abdomen so that you can then reach it and begin to do the exercise. When you’re otherwise ready, hold the weight plate out in front of your body with both hands. This is the rest position.

To complete the exercise, slowly rotate your abdomen to the right as far as it will comfortably extend. There’s no need to move the weight from its position relative to your body. Slowly and carefully bring the trunk back to the normal position. This constitutes one repetition.

Safety and Injury Prevention

The weight plate trunk twist is a great way of working your core muscles. By keeping your legs off of the ground, you force your abdomen muscles to be completely engaged at all times, even as you return to the rest position. Because you’re focusing on this, however, it’s possible to injure yourself without even realizing it. Be very careful to not overextend your trunk as you twist. Also, do not move it too quickly, as this can cause injury as well.


In order to work both sets of core muscles on each side of your body, you should incorporate twists toward the other side as well. Consider starting at the central position and then twisting all the way to one side before returning to central. Then twist all the way to the other side and return to the central position. This can constitute one repetition of a more advanced form of the weight plate trunk twist.


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