Bench Exercises: V-Sit Double Knee Tucks

Incorporating various types of bench exercises into your at home workout regimen is a great way to work muscle groups that you might not otherwise have the chance to. A workout bench is inexpensive and highly versatile, plus it can be adjusted to a number of different settings to help accommodate different exercises and even multiple people.

If you plan to use bench exercises to improve both your upper and lower stomach core muscles, a great way to do so is with the v-sit double knee tuck. This exercise is relatively straightforward and helps to improve general core fitness. Due to the fact that it is somewhat difficult, however, it’s perhaps best left to those who are already somewhat fit. The exercise is generally classified as medium to advanced in terms of difficulty.

Exercise Basics

The basic exercise of the v-sit double knee tuck is relatively straightforward. You’ll need to adjust the exercise bench so that it’s at an appropriate height for you. Sit on the edge of the bench and then move yourself backward just slightly. Lean your shoulders back by a few inches and bring your legs up so that they are parallel with the bench. It should look as if your legs are resting on the bench, if the bench were to continue outward from where it ends. To brace yourself, put your hands on either side of the bench and hold onto it. This is the resting position for the exercise.

To execute the exercise itself, lift both legs up simultaneously by bending them at the knee. As you do this, bring your torso up slightly so that your chest and your knees come as close to meeting one another as possible. Then slowly bring both your torso and your legs back down to the resting position. This constitutes a single repetition of the exercise.

Be sure to not lower your torso too far as you return from the exercise, because this removes the strain from your core muscles and weakens the overall benefit of the exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

The best way to remain safe with this exercise is to hold onto the sides of the bench with your hands. This will help to keep you balanced and will protect you from the potential injury that could come about as a result of falling off the bench. Because this exercise does not make use of any weights, it’s generally considered to be safe. Still, be careful that you don’t move too quickly, because this can strain your muscles.


One easy modification to this exercise is to place a weight on a strap attached to your feet. This makes it more difficult to hold your feet up and to move them into the tuck position, thereby increasing the work that you do and the overall benefits of the exercise.


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