Bench Exercises: Trunk Twist with Press

Bench exercises are great to incorporate into your standard workout because they can easily be done at home. Whether you have an exercise bench to use or if you make use of a chair or another flat surface, these exercises are convenient and can be incorporated into virtually any workout, any time and any place.

Many people find that one of the areas that they have the most difficulty removing excess fat is the sides of the stomach. Love handles are difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, the trunk twist is a great way of doing that. If you’ve already mastered the trunk twist by using a weight plate, or if you’re just looking for a modified version of this basic exercise, you should incorporate the press into your trunk twist as well.

Exercise Basics

In order to do the trunk twist with a press, you should first pick up an appropriately weighted plate and press it to your chest. Then, sit on the edge of your exercise bench and position yourself back far enough that you can lean back slightly. As you lean back, lift your legs off of the ground and cross them at the ankles. Your back should be as close to a 45-degree angle with the bench as possible. When you’re comfortably balanced, hold the weight plate out in front of you, but don’t extend your elbows completely. This is the rest position for the exercise.

In order to execute the exercise itself, hold the weight plate in place and rotate your trunk to one side. When you’ve gone as far to the side as possible, push the weight plate away from you until your elbows are fully extended. Next, pull the weight plate back to where it was before and twist your trunk back to the forward position. This constitutes one repetition of the exercise.

The trunk twist with press works not only your biceps and pectoral muscles, but also your core stomach muscles.

Safety and Injury Prevention

This bench exercise can be dangerous if you’re not careful. It’s a good idea to practice balancing on the bench without having a weight first, so that you know that you can adequately position yourself. Be careful as you hold the weight so as not to drop it, potentially injuring yourself as well.

As with all other bench exercises, it’s crucial that you breathe as you work out. If you feel faint or dizzy, put the weight down and sit up fully.


There are a few different modifications that you can make to this exercise. The best is the full trunk twist. In this exercise, you’ll twist your trunk to one side before returning it to neutral position, and then twist to the other side and return to central position. In this modified version of the exercise, this constitutes one single repetition. This helps to work both sides of your body.


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