Bench Exercises: Stability Ball Push-Outs

The stability ball has started to gain in popularity as an exercise tool that will help you shape your whole body and lose weight with less effort than before. With a stability ball as the focus of your workout routine, you don’t need expensive weight lifting equipment or an expensive gym membership. You just need an uncluttered workout area, a bench to add some intensity to your workouts and maybe some dumbbells to add some resistance training for muscle development.

A stability ball looks very similar to a single color beach ball. Approximately three feet in diameter and made of a fairly heavy gauge plastic, vinyl and rubber mix, a stability ball is used as a platform for performing a variety of exercises. It works by making you involuntarily work your muscles to maintain your body’s stability or balance while performing the exercises.

Stability Ball Push-Outs With a Bench

Step 1: Place the ball and the bench an appropriate distance apart. Push-outs are one of the many exercises that you can perform with a stability ball. These exercises resemble push-ups. You will need the ball and bench far enough apart that your forearms will rest on the ball and your feet will be on top of the bench. Make sure your body is supported by your forearms and not your chest. Your chest should be in the air.

Step 2: Move your feet to the bench and stiffen your body. Lift one foot and then the other to the bench and go up on your toes. Now stiffen your body. Your body should resemble a plank and be straight.

Step 3: Roll the ball out in front of your head. Slowly roll the ball away from you until your elbows are fully supported by the ball. Hold this position for five to ten seconds to add some intensity to this workout.

Step 4: Roll back to the starting position. Slowly roll the back towards yourself until your forearms are once again supporting your body. Perform this exercise ten to fifteen times.

Add Intensity

You can add intensity to this workout by increasing the height of the bench. You can also increase the length of time that you hold the position of extension. More reps will also add a level of intensity to this exercise.

Muscles Worked with This Exercise

This exercise will focus on you abdominals and lower back. However, you will work every muscle group in your body with this exercise, involuntarily, just maintaining your balance. This is where stability ball training excels.

Exercise Safety

First and foremost, you need to be sure your body is healthy enough for any sort of an exercise routine, so see your doctor first. Make sure the area you workout in is clean and free of obstructions. Also, make sure you maintain the plank position so you don’t strain any muscles.

This is just one of the many exercises you can do with a stability ball to strengthen muscles and burn fat.


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