Bench Exercises: Seated Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are a staple of any great exercise routine. Though this exercise is simple in execution, it can be highly effective when done properly. Once the basic form of this exercise becomes too easy, you may want to consider incorporating the use of kettlebells into your workouts.

Benefits of Seated Bicep Curls

Seated Bicep Curls are not only one of the easiest strength training exercises to perform (which uses kettleballs), but this movement also has numerous beneficial aspects. One of the best parts of performing seated bicep curls is the increased muscle tone in your upper arms that can result from repetitions of this exercise. Increasing the amount of muscle tone in your arms helps to ease the difficulty of everyday experiences. It also can be beneficial in helping to achieve long term weight loss due to an increase in your metabolic rate.

Proper Performance of Seated Bicep Curls

As the name suggests, to perform the seated bicep curl, you must first be seated on a sturdy bench. Bring your legs off the side of the bench, bend your knees, and rest your feet comfortably on the ground. Sit tall on the bench, with your head reaching towards the sky. In each of your hands, you should be holding one dumbbell. At this point, allow your arms to hand down by your sides, with your palms facing forwards.

Inhale and exhale deeply for a minute or so, calming your body for the exercise ahead. During exhalation, use the muscles in your upper arms to bend your elbows, bringing the dumbbells up towards your chest. Once you cannot bend your elbows any further, inhale deeply, and relax your arms back to their starting place. Repeat this maneuver another nine times, and rest for a short time. Perform another set of 10 repetitions of the exercise.

Increasing the Intensity of Seated Bicep Curls

There are a number of ways that a basic seated bicep curl can be adapted to be made more difficult. One of the easiest ways to do so is by alternating your arms during the performance of the exercise. Another great way to make this exercise more challenging is by using a kettlebell to perform the maneuver. A kettlebell is a piece of exercise equipment similar in shape to a tea kettle. It is heavily weighted and can be used for a number of exercises.

Kettlebells have an altered weight distribution, and therefore force your body to work differently from what they were once used to. If you have never used a kettlebell before, you may want to consider taking a class in order to ensure you properly understand how the piece of exercise equipment should be used. Talk to friends, gym employees and other exercisers in your area. One of the these people should be able to provide you with information regarding kettlebell classes in your area.


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