Bench Exercises: Push Up Plank with Stability Ball

A simple push up has been used for thousands of years for strengthening the body. It’s one of the most famous exercises ever known. It strengthens many different muscle groups, it’s easy to perform, you do not need any types of equipment, and it can be performed anyplace. It’s important to include a variant of the push up in your workout routines; for example, a push up plank with a stability ball. This is a challenging and fun exercise.


The push up plank with a stability ball is simple. All you need a stability ball and a flat surface to exercise on.

Performing the Push Up

To perform a push up, lay on your stomach and place the palms of your hands on the ground to the outside of your chest. Push yourself into the air while keeping your body in a tight and straight line. You are now in a plank position. Make sure that your hands are under or in line with your shoulders.

Using the Stability Ball

Now that you can perform the push up, simply substitute your stability ball in place of the floor. To do this, kneel on the ground and place your ball in front of you. Lean onto the ball then role yourself onto the ball. Now lay on your ball in a plank position with your stomach and chest on the ball. Next, place your hands next to your chest on the ball and perform a push up using the ball. You will want to do anywhere from 6-12 repetitions when starting out.

Muscles Used

The push up is timeless because of the variety of muscle groups being used at the same time. The front of your body is working your pectorals (chest), abdominals (stomach), obliques (sides of stomach), deltoids (front shoulder) and your biceps (front upper arm). The muscles on the back side of your body being used are your trapezius (upper and middle back), infraspinatus and teres minor (sides of back), latissimus dorsi (lower sides and middle back) and your triceps (back of arm). Other muscles being used performing this are your gluteus maximus (butt), forearms and your legs.


To ensure safety and prevent any injuries, know your limitations. If performing this exercise is too difficult for you because you can’t do the fundamentals and firmly keep your form, then you should stop. Try an easier variant of this exercise. If you are experiencing any pains other than a regular muscle burning sensation, stop immediately. If you can’t hold the plank position or keep your balance on the stability ball, you should stop. 

Adding Difficulty

Perform this exercise with your feet on a chair. Also try a different stability ball that may create more difficulty. Or, perform this using the ball for your feet instead of your hands. And last, you can use a ball for your hands and a ball for your feet.

It’s not likely that you will ever see the push up being discontinued from exercise. There are fun ways to experience this good, old exercise, and you can easily and quickly learn and use these in your workout routine.


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