Bench Exercises: One Legged Jump Up

Among the different bench exercises available, the one legged jump up is something that you can do without any other additional fitness tools. Also, while lots of traditional bench exercises focus on weightlifting, this challenge focuses more on poise, speed and agility. The one legged jump up can be a great way to add variety to your routine fitness program and get your momentum up for other less dynamic exercises.

Performing the One Legged Jump Up

Here’s how to do one of the common and relatively stable variations of the one legged jump up.

  • Start out standing in front of the exercise bench.
  • Prep for your jump up. Experts suggest this step in order to prepare you for jumping up onto the bench. Practice by doing some two-legged hops while visualizing raising one leg and placing it on top of the bench.
  • Do the actual jump. Jump up and toward the bench with both legs. Position one leg, either your right or your left, to land solidly on the bench.
  • Land on the bench with your single leg, balancing your body.
  • Absorb some of the impact with your planted leg. Allow your leg to bend a bit while it still actively supports the weight of your body.
  • Push off of the bench with your planted leg and land back down on the floor with both feet simultaneously.
  • Jump up and plant the opposing leg on the bench, then return to the original position.

This is one repetition of the one legged jump up.

Avoiding Injury with the One Legged Jump Up

In doing this challenging agility activity, you want to be sure you proceed with caution to avoid injuries.

The main challenge in the one legged jump up involves confident poise, good balance and depth perception. You’ll want to make sure you are in control of your body and not doing this activity too fast or putting yourself off balance. If you get out of control during this activity, some injuries including twisted ankles can occur. Use calm, controlled motions and engage your whole body to actively maintain balance while you are up on the bench.

Variations of the One Legged Jump Up

Some variations of the one legged jump up include using dumbbell to increase weight resistance. Other similar activities include jump squats, which utilize a similar change in body positioning, and some kinds of workouts with other tools like jump ropes or kettlebells.

In relation to a lot of other bench activities, the one legged jump up gets your whole body engaged and ups your heart rate a bit, especially at a faster pace, helping you to burn calories and tone various muscle groups at the same time. Talk to your trainer or your doctor about whether this activity is right for you, according to any existing medical conditions and your level of overall agility.


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