Bench Exercises: Double Leg Drop with Stability Ball

The leg drop exercise is an excellent core, lower back and upper leg exercise. Performing it with a stability ball adds hamstring and quad work to the exercise. This exercise can be performed on the floor with an exercise mat, flat on your back or seated on a bench.

Step 1: Starting Position

Keeping your back straight be seated on your workout bench. Place the stability ball between your lower legs or between your ankles and knees and squeeze it between your legs.

Step 2: Straighten Your Knees

Lift your feet off the floor together, keeping the stability ball locked between them and straighten your legs. Your legs should be straight and the stability ball should be resting just above the floor between your ankles and knees. Grabbing the front of the workout bench will help you maintain stability during this exercise.

Step 3: Raise Your Feet

Lift your feet as far off the floor as you can, keeping your legs straight and the stability ball firmly grasped between your ankles.

Step 4: Lower Your Feet

Lower your feet until the stability ball is once again resting just above the floor. This is one complete rep. A beginning set will consist of ten reps. A beginning workout will be ten sets, with a short thirty second break between sets.

Make It Burn

Once ten sets of ten reps is no longer enough of a workout for you, you can increase the reps to fifteen per set and the workout can be increased to fifteen sets. Further intensity can be added by using five to ten pound ankle weights. An aerobic edge can be added by shortening the interval between sets and increasing the pace at which you perform the reps. A smaller stability ball will mean you have farther to raise and lower your legs, which means you will receive more of a workout.

Muscles Worked

This is an exercise which targets your core muscles. This means your upper and lower abs will receive an excellent workout. Your glutes and quads in your legs will also receive a workout. Keeping your stomach tight and chest out will increase the workout that your core muscle group will receive.

Safe Exercise Habits

Before any sort of strenuous exercise, you should perform a light exercise of calisthenics to loosen and warm your muscles. After the warm-up, you should perform a full stretching routine. Also, after the workout, you should perform a cool-down exercise and another full set of stretching exercises so as to maintain elasticity and flexibility in your joints and muscles.

As with any physical exercise regimen, you should consult with your physician prior to embarking on this exercise routine to ensure that you’re physically fit enough to do so. Combining this exercise routine with an effective diet plan will help you lose the weight and obtain the body you want.


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