Bench Exercises: Double Bosu Push-Ups

One of the newest and most popular ways to work the core involves variations on the classic exercise called push-ups. Push-ups have been around for awhile, but now, trainers are looking at innovative variations that help working more muscle groups and provide more health benefits quickly.

Understanding BOSU Push Ups

When it comes to the fitness activity known as double BOSU push ups, a weight bench is not often part of the equation. Generally, the trainer uses two BOSU balls and possibly, another tool such as a fitness ball.

Where a fitness ball is a regular inflatable ball used for various exercises, a BOSU ball is a similar yet different kind of fitness tool with specific balance functions. The BOSU ball is a “half ball” where one side is a regular inflated hemisphere, and the other side is a flat, hard plastic surface. That means that when a BOSU ball is placed on the ground, the result is a ball-like surface with a stabilized bottom. That means users will still get the balance challenge of a ball surface, but not the additional rolling instability of a fitness ball.

Performing Double BOSU Push Ups

With double BOSU push ups, you start out in regular push up positioning, but with your arms on a set of two BOSU balls with the flat surfaces turned outward (toward the floor and toward your body), and the two hemispheric surfaces touching each other. This results in stability with the floor, and a stable surface to put your hands on, but still includes a balance challenge for your upper body.

The Weight Bench Variation

With a weight bench variation, you start out with a similar position as described above, but with your feet propped up on a weight bench. Another variation involves two BOSU balls under your arms and a fitness or medicine ball under your feet. In all of these variations, the user has to achieve regular push ups while in engaging an unbalanced surface.

Muscles Worked with Double BOSU Push Ups

This challenging physical activity works off whole lot of muscles, from your arms to your legs, and everything in between. A lot of the core muscles, such as the abs, have to work hard to maintain a stable body position. This activity also works a group of core muscles called “stabilizers” that help with overall poise and balance. These benefits are what make double BOSU push ups so popular with many trainers.

Safety with the Double BOSU Push Up

In order to do this exercise safely, you need to make sure that you are agile enough to handle the specific balance challenges that double BOSU push ups create. Start out with a single BOSU ball and work up to double BOSU ball positioning, always using slow motions to avoid unbalancing yourself suddenly. Take caution, building up to more robust balance challenges.

For those who can handle the instability of this exercise, the double BOSU push up can be a great addition to an existing fitness workout.


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