Bench Exercises: Burpee Jump Up on Bench

The burpee jump on a bench is one of the most intensive full body exercises available. This exercise allows you to work out your chest, your heart and your legs while building your heart rate up. One of the most obvious benefits of this work out is that it makes you breath harder and helps you burn fat faster. Your body will feel great, and you will also acquire better anabolic endurance.

Benefits of Cardio and Burpee Jumps on a Bench

Cardio exercises are important because these exercises are great to help you burn fat. They encourage proper blood flow and nourish the body, reduce the risk of heart failure, and help you diminish bad cholesterol. Doing a set of burpee jumps on a regular basis will help you achieve an advanced fitness level, and it will also help you feel better.

The burpee jump on bench exercise is great to help you work out your arms, shoulders and biceps. While you are pushing up, your abdominals are building up endurance and core balance. If you are a beginner then start slow. Find yourself a rhythm where you can start slowly, and then you can intensify your workout.

Performing a Burpee Jump on a Bench

Position a bench vertically in front of you. This way you can drop your body on the “push up” position on the middle of a bench. You and the bench should be forming a capital “T”. Your feet need to be on the floor as the bottom of the T, and the vertical line of the top of the T is your bench.

Start your burpee jump with the squat position. Then, leap forward onto the bench. When you land on the bench, land on both feet and keep the squat position. Take a small leap backwards and then position your hands on the bench and do a push up.

As you push your body up from the push up, put both feet together and make a small leap forward onto the bench. As you land on the bench and on the floor, make sure to bend your knees and to bend your elbows to build resistance and to keep your balance.

Other Variations

There are many other ways you can maximize the effect of burpee jumps. In order to make your burpee jump more effective, you can combine other exercises that will offer you a variety to your routine. For example, you can use dumbbells or even a weight jacket while doing a burpee jump.

To intensify your workout, you can use a weight jacket. This will make your body weigh more and it will add more resistance to your workout. While the burpee jump on a bench is a great addition to any workout routine, remember to check with your doctor before starting a new workout routine.


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