Bench Exercises: Abdominal Hip Thrusts

One of the best bench exercises you can do for your abdominal muscles are abdominal hip thrusts. Doing these exercises on a bench instead of the floor makes them easier on your back.


Why You Should Do Hip Thrusts

Your lower abdominal muscles, or rectus abdominus, are exercised with this move. These muscles are hard to target properly. Conventional crunches alone will not target theses muscles effectively.

The first and most obvious reason to add abdominal hip thrusts to your bench exercise routine is to develop that elusive six pack. To achieve a sculpted tummy you must exercise all of the abdominal muscles.

How to do Bench Abdominal Hip Thrusts

  1. Lie down on the bench with your legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles.
  2. Lift your straight legs directly over your hips while keeping your ankles crossed.
  3. Keep your legs vertical throughout the entire exercise.
  4. Tighten your ab muscles and lift your hips straight up off the bench.
  5. Lower your hips to the bench. You have now completed one repetition.
  6. Repeat the process 20 times.
  7. Work up to doing three sets of 20 repetitions.

Safety Tips

  1. Do not hold your breath while you perform your bench exercises.
  2. Press your back into the bench when you raise your hips.
  3. Complete each repetition slowly with controlled movement.
  4. Initiate the movement from your tightened lower stomach muscles.

How Often You Should Do Them

Health professionals recommend doing your bench abdominal exercises twice a week. This will give the muscles the needed time to repair themselves between your workouts.

Adding abdominal hip thrusts to your bench exercises can help you define your stomach muscles. While they will  not provide instant results, they are an important weapon in your fitness arsenal.


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