Beginning Pilates? Gym Classes Are A Great Start

To get a good introduction to Pilates, you might want to visit a studio that is a dedicated Pilates gym.  A group class setting is ideal to begin exploring this popular fitness workout.  Most instructors who teach in a Pilates gym have come from two distinct disciplines.  One group will have a group exercise or personal trainer background, and the other, a dance or yoga background.  One is not better than the other, just different, and both groups usually have obtained their Pilates certifications because of a deep conviction for the discipline. 

An introduction to Pilates generally begins with a group of exercisers spread out in a large open room, each with their individual mats, and an instructor. 

Finding the Right Pilates Class and Instructor

Depending on whether or not your instructor is a Joseph Pilates technique advocate, will depend on how much it looks familiar to other floor exercises you have done with fitness equipment like medicine balls, exercise balls, and bands.  A Joseph Pilates purest will use only technique and equipment in their true form.  Either class will give you a great introduction to pilates as a core strengthening program. 

As you mature as a Pilates exerciser, you may decide to become the purest yourself, tapping into both the mind and body strength.  It’s a good idea to attend several classes with different instructors to get a genuine feel for Pilates.  As with any relationship, some personalities match better than others, and the same is true with pilates instructors, just as it would be with personal trainers or group fitness trainers.

Pilates is Fitness For Life

Pilates is known for strengthening the core, but it also tones and reshapes the entire body gradually.  A strong body requires a strong foundation which comes from the body’s core.  Pilates is designed to build from the core out to the extremities, while other strengthening programs focus on the extremities first.  As your foundation strengthens, you will be able to complete more and more strength bearing moves and see dramatic changes in your body over time.  Avoid comparing your improvements or your level of fitness to others in the class.

The most important thing to remember about Pilates is that it is an internal and external workout, and while the changes in your body may come slower than you would like at times, learn to enjoy the journey on your way to becoming stronger. Fitness is for life, not a destination.


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