Beauty Benefits of Shaping Eyebrows


Shaping eyebrows is a simple thing that can bring about big changes to a person’s overall look. Short of plastic surgery, eyebrow shaping can do more to improve someone’s appearance than most other beauty treatments. Whether you are young or old, high or low maintenance, taking the time to properly shape your eyebrows is well worth the effort.

A More Youthful Look

Eyebrows that have been gently arched visually lift and open up the eye area. This allows more room for eye shadow and brings about a more youthful appearance to the face. Keep in mind that extremely arched brows can have the opposite effect and may look severe. Avoid 45 degree angles, as they can age the appearance of the face.

Balances Facial Features

Eyebrows that have been properly shaped bring balance and proportion to the whole face. Facial features can be softened or accentuated just by shaping the brows. In general, larger features look better with a slightly, fuller eyebrows, where as smaller features are balanced by thinner eyebrows.

Frames the Eyes

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Such an important feature deserves to be framed. Shaped eyebrows do just that. They frame the eyes and draw attention to them.

A More Refined Appearance

A well-groomed eyebrow can give a polished look to a person’s appearance. Women who have nicely shaped eyebrows look put together, even without makeup.

 Make a Statement

Eyebrows can be used to create a look or make a statement. Changing the shape of the eyebrows can change the impression that someone gives off. You may see her as the cute girl next door, a serious career women or a sophisticated diva just by how she shapes her eyebrows.

Major Change

Eyebrows usually grow back fairly quickly. After shaping, they will likely grow back within months, unless they have been repeatedly tweezed for years. It’s easy to try a new look by changing the shape of the eyebrows, and it doesn’t entail the commitment of a more drastic change of appearance such as chopping off long hair.


It’s not just women who benefit from nicely shaped eyebrows. A little eyebrow grooming on a male can mean the difference between a scruffy looking guy and a well groomed man. It’s important not to over shape a man’s eyebrows–a little clean up is all most of them need.

See a Professional

It’s best to go to a professional esthetician when you are shaping your eyebrows for the first time. You can describe what you want or bring in photos, but keep in mind that she will have to work with the eyebrow hair that you have. It’s easier to maintain your eyebrows at home by tweezing after they have been professionally shaped. If you would like to wax at home, have several professional eyebrow waxings done until you are very comfortable and familiar with the process.






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