Beauty Benefits of Birth Control

Birth control is a very effective method for preventing pregnancy, but did you also know that this tiny pill has numerous health and beauty benefits? By taking the pill once a day, you will begin to see improvement in your acne and can experience a host of health benefits. Here are some of the positive side effects of taking birth control pills.

Clears-Up Persistent Acne

The pill, specifically Ortho Tri-Cyclen, has shown to help the female body reduce testosterone production. This occurs because the pill promotes the body to produce norgestimate, a form of progesterone, which has shown to help decrease hormone levels. This can lead to clearer skin. Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Yaz are approved by the FDA to help treat acne.

Prevents Excess Hair

If you suffer from hirsutism, or the growth of excess hair, then the pill may provide you with some assistance. Similar to the causes of certain types of acne, individuals who grow excess hair on their face or other parts of their body are often affected by high androgen levels. By taking the pill, these high levels will be reduced and women will notice less facial hair or body hair on the chin, abdomen or chest.

Avoiding Anemia

If you have ever suffered from anemia, or low iron levels, you will know this health issue can affect your energy levels and bring about high levels of fatigue. Birth control has shown to reduce the severity of your period, which leads to less blood loss. The pill decreases the risk of iron deficiency anemia because it decreases the flow of the period and it shortens the number of days of the period.

Lowers Chances of Cancer

One of the strongest medical benefits of taking the birth control pill is the protection it offers against endometrial or uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. Studies have shown that by taking the pill for just one year, you will considerably decrease your chances of developing uterine cancer and decrease your risk of ovarian cancer in only three to six months of birth control use.

Relief from Cramps

The birth control pill has shown to decrease menstrual cramps in almost all women, and some women even claim that the pill has led them to have no cramps at all. Birth control works because it stops true ovulation. By stopping ovulation, your body produces less prostaglandin. Prostaglandins make the muscles in the uterus contract, which is what causes cramps.

Healthier Breasts

Birth control has shown to decrease numerous health problems related to the breast, such as fibroadenomas, fibrocystic changes and cysts. This is because certain low estrogen versions of birth control help control the hormonal levels that affect your breasts.


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