Battling the Bulge: Holiday Snacks 101

There is always a holiday around the corner ready to temp and tease with those little holiday snacks that spend a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips. It’s not always easy to avoid these tasty temptations, but there are ways to battle back against holiday snacks. You can not only have your cake, but you can eat it too!


In all honesty, a little treat now and again won’t hurt you at all. The problem lies in going crazy on the treats once in a while and then having to recover from it for weeks or months afterwards. Having one or two little sweet-treats at a holiday gathering is perfectly fine as long as that’s all it is. Socrates once said “Everything in moderation.”


If you know you are going to be surrounded by temptations at a holiday gathering or party, eat before you go so you are less tempted by the holiday snacks. It’s always a lot easier to not eat when you are already full. You can also take some of your own snacks with you to munch and that way you know you will have healthy alternatives to possible fattening and unhealthy snacks.

Walk it Off

It’s always a good idea to move around as much as possible throughout the year, but during the holiday snack attacks a little extra moving around couldn’t hurt at all. Any way you can burn off a few extra calories when you get the chance will help with the holiday battle of the bulge. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a bit farther from the store entrance or just take a stroll around town during lunch.

Know Your Limits

Every diet or eating plan has some allowance for eating a less then healthy snack now and then. A big part of a successful diet or eating lifestyle is a little reward for yourself for all the effort and dedication put into eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Before you are exposed to those tempting holiday snacks, know beforehand what you can and can’t eat and exactly how much. You may not know the exact calories in any specific treat, but just play on the safe side and be prepared to work it off later.

Go Healthy

If you are the person providing the treats, you may want to focus on more healthy alternatives, such as dried fruit, cheeses, fat-free dips with baked chips and sugar free chocolate treats. While these may not seem like normal holiday treats, they are both good for you as well as delicious to eat. It’s also a nice consideration to any guests you may have over as they too may be concerned about the battle against holiday treats any time of the year.

Remember, plan ahead, moderation is a good thing, and there are always healthy alternatives to just about any holiday snack or treat.



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