Barbell Exercises: Reclined Body Row

A body row is a type of exercise in which you utilize a barbell or another object (such as a rope) to help stabilize your body, allowing you to pull yourself up. These exercises are great for arm strength, shoulder flexibility and general upper body strength.

There are many other benefits to a reclined body row as well. Reclined body rows involve you holding yourself up underneath a barbell or a rope and leaning backward. You pull yourself up, allowing for maximum flexibility according to your own strengths and abilities. Because you’re not making use of the weight in a traditional way, the risk of injury due to overexertion is lower. Read on for a brief overview to a reclined body row exercise using a barbell.

Exercise Basics

The reclined body row should be done with a barbell that is fixed in place. Using a floor mounted system, attach the barbell at a medium height and ensure that it is fully secured before you begin. You’ll need to stand behind the barbell and grip it so that your palms are facing downward. Place your feet underneath the barbell and slowly inch them past the other side of the weight so that you’re forced to lean back. The further out that you place your feet, the further you’ll be leaning back and the more difficult the exercise will be.

The exercise itself involves you beginning in a resting position in which your arms are extended and you’re fully leaned back. Pull your upper body up toward the barbell using your arms, then slowly lower yourself back down. Repeat the exercise as many times as you’d like.

Exercise Benefits

The reclined body row is a great upper body strength exercise. It targets the shoulder muscles, the neck, the biceps and many other muscle groups. Additionally, because you’re using only your own weight to train your muscles, the risk of putting extra stress on your body is low. You can better control the amount that you exert yourself.

Tips and Safety

For the best results, begin by reclining to a higher level so that you don’t have as far to pull yourself up. As you feel more and more comfortable with the exercise, extend your legs out in front of you farther and recline farther back. Be sure to secure your feet up against a hard surface like a block or a wall. This will help to ensure that they don’t slide out from under you. Double check the barbell so that you know for a fact that it is securely mounted in the device when you’re working with it.

To add an additional challenge to this exercise, use only one arm for your row lift procedure. You may need to adjust the amount that you recline in order to properly be able to do this, however, because it can be much more difficult.


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