Back Pain? Why Toning Your Abs Can Help

The human body works as a machine where all of the parts need to work together and need to work together well or something will go wrong.  Back pain is a common problem many people experience and a common cause is a lack of abdominal toning.

Back Pain

Pain in the back can begin anywhere in the back. It can be in the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or a part of the spine. The pain can be constant or come and; the way the pain feels can also vary. It can be a dull pain or go up to a sharp, piercing pain. Low back pain is the fifth most common reason people see their doctors.

The spine is the center of the body and is what holds the body up. The muscles of the back and of the abdomen both work together as a support system to keep the spine straight and keep the body in good posture. If the abdominal muscles weaken, the back muscles have to overcompensate to make up for the lack of support and work twice as hard to make up for the lost support. This is one of the causes of back pain.

Muscle Support

There are three main groups of abdominal muscles that work together to support the spine and keep the body straight.  The gluteal muscles are an extension of the back and are used to keep the back straight and upright.  Flexing of the abdominal and iliopsoas muscles help to bend and support the spine from the front side and helps to control the arch of the lumbar spine and adduct the hip. The obliques, when flexed, help to stabilize the upright spine.

By doing abdominal exercises to keep the abdominal muscles strong, the back will not have all the extra work to keep the body upright and the spine straight. There are many different abdominal exercises that can be done to keep those muscles tight and strong.

First, the back may need a bit of massaging and stretching. The back muscles are most likely tight from being overworked and need a break.  The massaging will relax these muscles and allow them to be able to go back to their normal position. The stretching will allow these muscles to go back and give them a boost to go back in a shorter amount of time.

At the same time as the back muscles are being worked on, the front needs to be worked as well as these muscles work together. A standard crunch is the most basic abdominal exercise. This will get the ball rolling, but does not work all of the muscles of the abdomen. The bicycle is an excellent exercise to work all of the muscles of the stomach. This exercise will work all of the muscles at the same time and get results.

If the abdominal muscles are weak, this weakness will affect the back muscles and they will have to work extra hard to make up for this loss in support. By keeping the abdominal muscles strong, all of the muscles can work as they should to keep the body upright and strong.


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