Back Extention Rack Exercises: Cross Over Back Extension

If you have a back extension rack and are looking for new things to add to your exercise routine, then you may be looking into the cross over back extension. This specific exercise works your lower body, and your own body weight is what is used to both strengthen the muscles in lower back and enhance core stability. This is a perfect exercise to do if you are looking for a flat and toned midsection.

Performing the Cross Over Back Extension

The first thing you have to do is put yourself on the machine, and you must be sure that the pad is directly positioned in the middle of your abdominal muscles. This makes it easier for you to bend over and complete the exercise, as well as gain the highest level of efficiency.

Now that you’ve put yourself on the machine correctly, you should roll yourself upright. Then move downward, rolling down. Be certain to keep your arms crossed over your chest while doing this, keeping you from stalling momentum. Once one repitition is completed, you can repeat it. First roll yourself up to the opening position, making sure you move all the way up so your spine is straight.

Muscle Groups that Benefit

The primary muscles worked in this exercise are the lower back, and the secondary muscles worked are the mid back muscles.

Safety and Proper Use

The machine needed to achieve this exercise is meant to be set to your body’s specifications, so in order to use it properly you have to have it set to your body’s height in an accurate fashion. To avoid injury, be sure to keep your back straight when lowering yourself onto the rack.

This will help you slim down a little while strengthening your back, helping you to lift things easier and hold yourself upright easier in your day to day activities.


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