Avocado Oil vs. Avocado Seed Oil

Avocado oil is pressed from the pulp surrounding the seed within the avocado, also known as the pit. Avocado seed oil is made from the seed itself. Both oils are extremely healthy for you, but perhaps you want to keep the two separate for different uses.

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is one of the best oils available, especially if you are trying to consume a healthy diet. This oil is high in mono and polyunsaturated fats, which help you to fight many diseases. These fats contain no cholesterol and will actually help you to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as keep your heart healthy. They contain all the essential fatty acids which your body needs, including the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

You can use avocado oil in your food as well as in lotions and shampoos. It will even protect you against the sun’s harmful rays in the hot summer months. Simply rub some cold pressed oil on your skin before heading out into the sun. To clean your hair and get rid of all the build up that occurs as you move throughout the day, simply rub some oil in your hair as well as your scalp. Leave it in overnight, then rinse in the morning.

A dark avocado oil can also be used in salads and dressings because it has more nutrients and is more flavorful. But for your cooking, choose an oil which is lighter in color simply because the lighter oils have been more refined, and therefore are able to withstand more heat. Avocado oils, depending on how well they are refined, have a smoke point which varies between 490 degrees F and 520 degrees F. (The smoke point is the degree at which point the oil begins to burn or smoke).

Benefits of Avocado Seed Oil

Avocado seed oil also has many health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol and fighting disease. It also contains many antioxidants which help you to feel great!

Studies in rats have shown that the oil from the avocado seed helps to increase the soluble collagen in the skin. As you age, your body naturally loses its ability to rebuild the collagen, but avocado seed oil helps to naturally restore it.

Collagen helps to improve the overall tone of the skin by getting rid of wrinkles, dry flaky skin, cellulite and sclerosis of the skin. By massaging avocado seed oil into your scalp, you will not only increase the growth of your hair, but it will come back to life with a new shine! This is why the seed oil is so popular in hand and body lotions, shampoos and other cosmetics; it simply helps you to look your very best from top to bottom.

However, the seed of the avocado is quite bitter, so you may not want to use it in your food. Just keep it handy for your cosmetic needs.


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