Atlas Stones for Strength Training

Atlas Stones are used by people who participate in strongman competitions. An Atlas Stone is a round ball made of stone and other materials. They can weigh as much as 375 pounds or even more and come in all sizes.

Who Uses Atlas Stones?

Atlas Stones have been used by people who participate in strongman competitions. Strongman competitions have been around for centuries. Using the stones takes a lot of practice and strength training. You need to be strong enough to be able to pick up one of the stones while avoiding injury. You also need the proper equipment to use the stones.

It is necessary for you to have a strong back. You will also need to have strong glutes, hamstrings, hips, quadriceps, abs and biceps. It is a must to be very physically fit  in order to use the stones.

Getting Started with Atlas Stones

Make sure that you are strong enough to start lifting the stones by strengthening all of the muscles in your body. This can be achieved by regular exercise and weight-lifting. This will take some time, even if you already have a regular exercise and strength training program in use. Be patient. You will get there.

To get started training with the stones you need to start off by ordering a starter set. Starter sets can be custom ordered. They can be made in whatever weight or size you need. The manufacturers can even put foam in the middle of the stones to make them lighter.

Once you have received your Atlas Stones, it’s important to learn how to work with them. Spend time practicing your hand positions and the degree that you will lift the ball. Everyone has his or her own positioning of the stones. Lifting the stones can result in injury if you are not careful. After getting used to the stones, training with them on a regular basis will produce the best results.

Once you are used to the stones then practice your stance. Improper footing may result in injury. Once you are able to pick the stone up you will want to balance it on the tops of your thighs, keeping the stone next to your body. Then keep lifting the stone up to where you want to place it. Some people place them on specifically made racks while others use barrels with old tires. Anyway is fine as long as it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the stone. Failure to have something sturdy enough to hold it may result in injury to you or someone else.

After you have a good feel for the stones and are able to lift them without too much difficulty, you may want to change to another weight. Remember to do this safely though. Working your way up to another size can be done with good preparation and patience.

Lifting Atlas Stones may be a good strength training method for you. It is important to know how to use them and the proper equipment for them.


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