Atkins Diet: How Well Does It Work?

The Atkins Diet is a popular eating plan that requires you to significantly reduce your carbohydrate intake and focus on foods that are high in protein and fat. This diet is based on the assumption that people are obese because they consume an excess of carbohydrates. Therefore, when carbohydrate consumption is reduced, weight is lost.

How the Diet Works

Dr. Atkins claims that by following his diet, you will lose weight, control your hunger and experience other health benefits, such as improved memory. This is because your body turns to carbs first to burn for energy, and then to fat. When your carb consumption is restricted, your body will go straight to the fat, and therefore burn stored fat more efficiently. This process, where your body burns fat for fuel, is known as ketosis, and in this state your body is deriving energy from ketones (which are created when fat stores are broken down). While you’re in a state of ketosis, Dr. Atkins claims that you’ll have more energy and not feel as hungry.

Effectiveness of the Diet

During the first few weeks of the diet, your carb consumption is dramatically reduced to 20 grams, and even fruit is forbidden. As the diet progresses, some fruits are added back in, but your carbohydrate portions must remain low (and refined sugar and white flour must never be touched). Even though you shouldn’t consume more than 40 carbs a day while on the Atkins Diet, you will keep satisfied by filling up on protein-rich foods such as meat, cheese and eggs.

As far as weight loss goes, this diet does work. Anytime you cut out a food group from your diet, you’re going to lose weight, especially in the beginning of your weight loss regimen. However, the big concern with the Atkins Diet is keeping the weight off. Sure, you’re going to drop pounds while on this regimented eating plan, but a lifetime without carbs seems unreasonable. The second you resume your normal eating habits, you’re going to gain back the weight you worked so hard to lose. While the Atkins Diet does promote weight loss and offers results, these results will be tough to maintain long term.

Dangers of the Diet

Aside from maintenance concerns, the Atkins Diet poses some health risks. First of all, the diet encourages the intake of saturated fat, which puts your heart and cardiovascular health at risk. Think about it; you can consume meat and cheese, but apples and other fruits are shunned. You’re putting fatty calories into your body through meat, and not getting the vital nutrients that fruit delivers. Also, this diet can be harmful for people with liver or kidney disorders because of the high consumption of protein. Another thing to consider is the unpleasant side effects that ketosis can bring. While in the state of ketosis, you may experience constipation or bad breath.

The Atkins Diet is effective for weight loss; however, due to the potential side effects and maintenance requirements, the benefits might not outweigh the risks. This diet is not for everyone, and you should discuss your concerns with your doctor to find out if the Atkins Diet is right for you.


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