Atkins Diet: 15 Foods to Avoid in the Induction Phase

The Atkins Diet is based on restricting carbohydrates from your daily menu. The Atkins Diet consists of various phases, the first of which is the Induction phase. During this first phase, you are restricted to certain foods and you must slash your carbohydrate intake drastically. The normal Induction phase will take 14 days, but some people with more weight to lose may find themselves in this phase for up to a year.

The purpose of the Atkins Induction phase is to change the way the body metabolizes food. It prepares it to burn fat more quickly and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels are an important part of maintaining weight loss since glucose levels can spike when consuming carbohydrates, therefore causing people to crave more and more–all of this can lead to weight gain.

Foods to Avoid

There are certain foods and drinks that one needs to avoid during the Atkins Induction phase. The following are a few of the main foods and drinks to avoid.

  1. Fruits

  2. Pasta

  3. Grains

  4. Starchy Vegetables – corn, peas etc.

  5. Bread

  6. Dairy – all dairy except cheese

  7. Nuts

  8. Seeds

  9. Chickpeas

  10. Kidney Beans

  11. Legumes

  12. Coffee

  13. Tea

  14. Aspartame

  15. Soft drinks

Side Effects

The Induction phase is strict, and because of the limitations there can be some side effects. The main side effects will be the withdrawal of caffeine and sugar. When you stop ingesting something suddenly, the body will react and crave the substance. You can experience headaches, nausea, feeling out of sorts, loss of concentration, muscle cramps and more. These side effects are temporary and once you get over this hurdle, you will be on your way to the next phase.

During the Induction phase it is important to eat 3 meals a day and drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water to avoid getting constipated. This is also a common side effect of the Induction phase and can be avoided by taking a natural laxative like flax seed oil or fiber supplement. You are also directed to take a multivitamin, so your body continues to get all of the vitamins and minerals it needs during this phase.

Getting Through

One of the key points to the Atkins diet is getting through those first few weeks of the Induction phase. This will set the tone for the rest of your Atkins diet by having your body in the correct state to keep your energy levels up and reamain healthy. This is not to say, however, that this is all you really need to do in order to lose weight. You will need to exercise and keep active in order to get the most out of your new lifestyle. A simple walking program with some light weight training is all that’s really needed to reach your goals and stay there.

The Induction phase is the most important and crucial part of the Atkins plan. This phase will prepare your body to start losing weight and help to continue to do so during the remainder of the program. The Induction phase is also the hardest phase to get through. But when you see the amount of weight lost during this phase, you will be motivated to continue on to your goal.


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