At What Age Should I Start Antioxidant Supplements?

Could antioxidant supplements help slow down the aging process? This is something many women are wondering. Many women may also be wondering at what age should they start using antioxidant supplements.

Understanding Free Radicals

Before you can understand how antioxidant supplements can help the body and when to start using them, you first need to understand what free radicals are and how they help the aging process. Free radicals are also known as toxic oxidants. They grow in the tissues of our body and can cause damage throughout our body. Daily stress, as well as the natural aging process, can cause these free radicals. However, they also can be formed when oxygen is metabolized and eventually burned. When this occurs, they begin to travel through our cells, disrupting the molecules, causing cell damage and, yes, even causing wrinkles to form.

How Antioxidant Supplements Fight Free Radicals

Luckily, most of these free radicals are controlled by our own cellular antioxidants. Yet, some do escape, causing disruption to the cells and a disruption to the aging process. As we age, our natural antioxidants also become less effective. This is where antioxidant supplements can help. They can help the body build a better line of defense against the aging process, as well as other related health problems.

The Best Type of Antioxidant Supplement

The antioxidant supplements that fight free radicals the best are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin E 

Vitamin A protects cell membranes (especially the eyes, skin and lungs). Vitamin C protects your blood stream and cell plasma. Vitamin E protects the oxidative effects of pollutants and protects your skin.  It is advisable that you take Vitamin C and E together because they work hand in hand.

Antioxidant Supplements and Lung Cancer

Many people assume that antioxidant supplements will help fight diseases like lung cancer since they can help the body to fight against free radicals. This, however, may not  be the case. Some experts believe that by increasing your dose of antioxidant supplements, one may actually increase their risk of lung cancer, or other diseases, since more cells may be reproduced. Please do not consider using such treatments as these without first discussing the matter with your physician.

So at What Age Should I Start Antioxidant Supplements to Fight Aging?

A woman should start taking antioxidant supplements to fight the aging process when she feels the need. Not every woman will obsess about getting older. Some women welcome the little lines that form, stating that they prove they have been living. Other women dread the day when that first line appears. However, generally women will start considering anti-aging products and supplements by the time they reach their early 30’s.

Other Anti-aging Tips

Many women who are using antioxidant supplement as an anti-aging product have also found it beneficial to incorporate certain routines into their daily lives. Some of these routines include: wearing sunscreen even on cloudy days, removing all traces of makeup before going to bed, eating a healthier diet, drinking plenty of water, and exercising more frequently.


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