At Home Body Wraps: How to Make Your Own

Creating your own body wrap at home can be accomplished using a small number of easily obtainable ingredients. Since a day at a spa can be fairly expensive, making your own body wrap can allow you to enjoy the many benefits of this treatment for a reasonable cost. Often advertised as a treatment that can help you lose inches off your body, a body wrap can also purportedly tighten skin and force toxins from the body.

Basic Ingredients

  • 3 tbsp oil (sunflower, Shea or olive)
  • 1/2 cup Aloe Vera
  • 3 cups water (purified or spring water)
  • 1 cup salts (sea salt, Epsom or mineral)
  • 10 to 20 rolls of elastic bandages
  • Safety pins (to secure the wrap)
  • PVC workout sweat suit (optional but helpful)

An aromatherapy oil can also be added to the mixture to provide a more soothing experience, as can adding a bag of herbal tea during the heating.

Making the Mixture

Heat the water on your stove to a medium heat while dissolving salt. Then add in the additional ingredients of oil and aloe vera. After fully combined, allow the mixture to cool. Finally, pour the mixture into a small bucket. You’ll want the mixture to be warm, but not so hot that it will cause burns when applied. You can also buy a pre-made mixture from many health and beauty stores.

Applying the Body Wrap

The bathroom is the best place to apply the wrap, and it’s advisable to turn on a heater nearby since it’s easy to become quite cold with the mixture applied.

To begin, place the elastic bandages in the solution and allow them to absorb the mixture. When the bandages have fully absorbed, disrobe and take one of the bandage wraps and begin wrapping at the ankles, working upward. Don’t wrap too tight, because you don’t want to lose circulation. If your feet start to turn blue, you’ve wrapped too tight.

Wrap each leg in segments so as to facilitate easier bending during the application (ankle to knee, then knee to thigh).  After completing the legs, wrap your torso all the way up to your armpits. Lastly, wrap each of your lower arms and then the upper arms (again, wrapping in segments will allow easier application since bending becomes difficult).

After the bandage application is complete (make sure to cover your knees and elbows with bandages), climb into your PVC sweat suit and find a place to relax (using the bathtub is a good idea). Wait at least an hour before removing the wrap.

Make sure to stay hydrated during the experience and have a glass of water nearby. Dimming the lights and lighting a few candles can make the experience like that of an actual spa. After your hour is complete, remove the wrappings by starting with your arms and then working your way downward. Once all the bandages are removed, rinse off with cool water in the shower.

Notes of Caution

Do not use a body wrap if you are pregnant or have any circulation issues. Sometimes a body wrap can make you dizzy, so be careful on slick bathroom floors. Never spend more than one hour fully wrapped.


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