Are Your Libido Supplements Causing Weight Gain

Many men and women both take libido supplements to help enhance their sexual drives and sex lives. Libido supplements may be composed from natural chemicals and organic matter that helps to increase sexual energy, or they may be derived from chemicals in a laboratory. In either case, they oftentimes have a variety of other types of effects on your body which you may not be fully aware of.

Libido supplements do not oftentimes affect your weight, but it’s possible that they will. Because each person has a slightly different body chemistry, it’s difficult to predict a person’s reaction to libido supplements before she begins to take them. There are two primary ways that your libido supplements can cause weight gain; by increasing your appetite and by changing your metabolism. Both are manageable, if you’re aware of them.

Increase in Appetite

The more obvious way that a libido supplement may cause you to gain weight is through an increase in your appetite. If you are hungrier, you’ll be more likely to eat more. As you eat more, the total number of calories that go into your body goes up, and the number of calories that you burn off through activity remains the same. The net gain in calories results in a gain in weight as well.

In order to counter the process of gaining weight as a result of an increase in your appetite is to select your foods carefully. There are certain foods that are low in calories, but which will still fill you up. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks, and be sure to limit the protein sources and fats that you eat. Unnecessary and processed sugars will be more likely to contribute to weight gain in this case. Be aware of your increase in appetite and adjust your portion sizes accordingly; some people find it helpful to split up their meals into multiple meals throughout the day. Additionally, you can add to your exercise regimen in order to burn off more calories.

Changes in Metabolism

A more difficult process to be aware of is when your libido supplement causes an increase in your metabolism. If your metabolism changes and begins to process food in a slower way, you may continue to eat while you’re unaware that your body has adequate nutrition and calories. This causes the extra food to be stored as fat. In these cases, the remedies are the same; portion control is a great way to adjust for this. You can also help to protect yourself against weight gain by eating healthier foods and avoiding unhealthy snacks and other items that are high in sugar, calories and fat.

For more information on the risks and benefits of taking libido supplements, research the various supplements, look on a box of the medicine or speak with your doctor. Consult with a doctor before you begin to take any new medicine or supplement regimen.


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