Are Triathlons Good for Weight Loss?

The training that is required leading up to triathlons provides an ample amount of opportunities for weight loss. However, the actual event in itself does not qualify as a specific method to lose weight.

Competing for the Right Reason

Rather than taking part in a triathlon to lose weight, most competitors focus on achieving other goals, such as numerically placing in a certain group of those who complete the race. All three events in each traditional triathlon (cycling, running and swimming) provide vigorous cardiovascular exercise along with resistance muscle work. If you compete in one of these events, you will surely lose a few pounds because of the physical demand required through training and practicing.

Triathlon Training

Practicing for any of the triathlon events thoroughly increases your heart rate when done for extended periods of time. Many participants actually simulate the race by doing all three activities in a row on a daily basis or in moderation. Sometimes they try to beat a specific time, while other times the goal is merely to get through all three races.

Cardiovascular exercises target both heart health and body mass reduction. An excessive amount of calories get burned through any of the three events that occur in a triathlon, but combing all three in one workout will surely help you achieve your weight loss goal.

If you have a weight loss goal, practicing for or simulating a triathlon event will provide a viable method for shedding pounds. However, the actual triathlon event in itself has much less to do with weight loss than it does with competing for a personal victory.


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