Are Protein Shakes Beneficial for Women?

There are a number of reasons why protein shakes for women can help to enhance your workout program or your exercise regimen in general. Before you begin to drink protein shakes, however, it’s a good idea to evaluate what you’re hoping to get out of your exercising and how to best achieve those goals.

Protein shakes are designed generally to help deliver powdered protein to the body. They are generally consumed shortly after a workout program, when the body is most receptive to nutrients of this type and is best able to convert them into useful tissue like muscle. Given the variety of different types of protein shakes that are available at this point, it’s important to choose the kind that will work best for you.

Protein Shakes Overview

Protein shakes are generally used for two purposes, both of which may be helpful to you depending upon how you plan to achieve your exercise goals. The first benefit of protein shakes is that they help to build muscle mass and add strength. When your muscles have been worn out through exercising, protein helps to restore them to their healthy, neutral and resting state. In rebuilding the muscles when they have been worn down like this, your body will add a bit of additional mass and strength to the muscle. Therefore, protein is a great way of speeding up the strength-building process.

The other benefit of protein shakes is that they help to change the way that you’ll metabolize your food. Diets higher in protein and low in carbohydrates force your body to begin to consume fat. This is akin to the Atkins diet program and is a way to lose weight quickly.

Disadvantages of Protein Shakes for Women

There are a few reasons why you may choose to not make use of protein shakes in your workouts. First, many women are not interested in bulking up in terms of their muscle mass–something that drinking frequent protein shakes will tend to do. If you’re more interested in toning your muscles and keeping a slim figure, protein shakes may help somewhat, but they will not be the most effective means of doing so.

Another disadvantage of drinking protein shakes has to do with the metabolism changes that they can affect. As your metabolism changes to burn off more fat than other nutrients in your body, you’re actually putting your body into a dangerous and pre-diabetic state. Ketosis, the metabolic state that comes about as a result of the Atkins diet or through drinking a high quantity of protein shakes, is therefore potentially very dangerous over long-term use. Moreover, it will not be very effective at long-term weight loss. Most women find that when they shift their diets back to normal, they’ll gain back most or all of the weight that they lost as a result of drinking protein shakes in the first place.


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