Are Online Fitness Trainers Personal Enough?

In such a fast-paced world, the idea of using online fitness trainers to enhance your workout sounds like a convenient, customized way to get fit. But how personal are online trainers, and is their service personal enough?

Is an Online Trainer for Me?

Before investing in an online program, assess whether online training actually meets your personal fitness style. Online trainers aren’t the best for people who:

  • need lots of hands-on accountability to get to workouts
  • don’t have adequate time
  • aren’t computer savy enough to log on to the trainer’s site daily and navigate through what they need
  • have never worked out before
  • have no space or workout tools for training at home 
  • are looking for instant results

What Do I Look for in an Online Trainer?

Online trainers should advertise a variety of services including cardio fitness, strength training, and weight loss. Choosing one that’s right for you starts with knowing what kind of results you are looking for (weight loss, body sculpting, building muscle, cardio health) and seeking a trainer that features those kinds of plans.

More generally, any online trainer should:

  • Be legally certified
  • Provide a money-back guarantee on results
  • Have a proven track record with clients
  • Be Competetively priced
  • Give nutrition education/diet plan suggestions as part of the fitness plan

For your protection, always check out any online provider thoroughly before providing payment or signing a contract.



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  • Annette of MyFitnessTrainer

    I definitely agree that the online fitness trainer should provide a money back guarantee. On the other hand, it’s also smart to check out what’s out there that is free- these days you can get a lot of value for free on the internet. Even quality programs are often free of charge and they make their money through advertising.