Are Non FDA Approved Diet Pills Safe?

When choosing diet pills, you will most likely take several criteria into consideration, such as the ingredients, effectiveness, and the price. You should also be very concerned about whether or not the diet pill is approved by the FDA. In fact, this criterion needs to be among your top priorities. 

Tainted Diet Pills

As of March, 2009, the list of diet pill brands that contain dangerous ingredients counted 72 items. In most of the cases, the ingredients that are able to produce more harm than good are not even declared. Though, there may be other reasons why FDA decides not to approve a certain product. For instance, some active ingredients may be found in a greater concentration than allowed. In this situation, the product cannot be marketed in the form of over-the-counter diet pills. 

When the maximum recommended dosages are exceeded, the diet pills should be purchased only with a prescription that is obtained from the health care provider. Regardless of the reasons why a certain product is not approved, you should not use it, because it will pose a serious threat to your health. 

False Marketing

One of the worst parts about the manufacturers of the products (that are not approved by the FDA) is that they use false marketing. While containing dangerous ingredients, the products are marketed as “natural.” In other cases, the products are claimed to be based exclusively on herbal ingredients. Since people know that diet pills based on natural ingredients have mild side effects, if any, the manufacturers make such claims in order to attract more customers. 

Dangerous Undeclared Active Ingredients

Some of the ingredients found in the diet pills (rendered illegal by the FDA) may have a certain weight loss effect, but because of their increased concentration (or of their serious side effects), they need to be avoided at all costs. Below is a list of the dangerous ingredients, along with the reason why they are considered inadequate:

  • Cetilistat is an obesity drug whose effectiveness is not proved, and thus, it may not be marketed in the United States.
  • Sibutramine is a controlled substance that suppresses the appetite; it cannot be taken without a prescription from the health care provider.
  • Fenproporex is a controlled substance that cannot be marketed in the United States.
  • Fluoxetine has antidepressant properties and is available only with a prescription.
  • Bumetanide is a very powerful diuretic available with a prescription, as well.  
  • Rimonabant is a drug that cannot be marketed in the United States.
  • Phenytoin represents an anti-seizure drug available only with a prescription
  • Phenolphthalein is supposed to have carcinogenic properties, is used in chemical experiment and cannot be marketed in the United States.
  • Furosemide has powerful diuretic properties and should not be marketed without a prescription.

Avoid Non FDA Approved Diet Pills

This agency has serious reasons not to approve certain diet pills. While the products may be able to assist you with the weight loss, because of the ingredients contained, they pose great dangers to your health. If you want to lose weight in a healthy manner, then you should focus on the dietary supplements that received the certification from the FDA. 

As always, the healthiest way to effectively lose and maintain weight is by focusing your weight loss plan around natural methods, like a healthy diet and exercise.


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