Are Liquid Trace Minerals A Healthy Substitute?

Does the form a nutrient comes in make any difference in its effectiveness, and are supplements, like liquid trace minerals, a healthy substitute for their dietary counterpart ? Today, healthy living is all about balance–balancing exercise, sleep, and good nutrition to optimize fitness and prolong life. But with our busy schedules, finding time to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development can be a challenge. Many of us have turned to supplements to give us the additional nutrients that may be lacking in our diet.

What Are Liquid Trace Minerals?

Liquid Trace Minerals is a term that can be used to describe a product you produce on your own from a process called “juicing.” It can also refer to a Trace Mineral supplement sold in liquid form that you add to a beverage. The intent of both products is to give you the recommended daily intake of minerals your body needs.


Juicing requires a special kitchen-type appliance that allows you to combine raw fruits and vegetables in powerful liquid combinations by taking the whole piece of produce and grinding it down to a drinkable liquid form. Most juicers provide suggested fruit/vegetable combinations that are most powerful together and are targeted to address specific vitamin and mineral needs. Liquid Trace Minerals from juicing are an excellent substitute for dietary Trace Minerals. They are just a liquid form of your food that gives you mineral nutrients without the risk of over-dosage.

Supplemental Liquid Trace Minerals

Supplemental Liquid Trace Minerals are purchased online or in a store and are usually added to a beverage. The belief is that liquid vitamins and minerals better metabolize in the body and are easier to swallow for those with difficulty taking tablets. Ionic Trace Minerals go one step further in an attempt to optimize metabolization. They are Trace Minerals that are either positively or negatively charged to make them unstable. In their unstable form, they will more easily bond to water and thus can move nutrition directly into the cell. The charge also is said to create a dynamic equilibrium so the body can actually move the nutrient right to where it’s needed–almost like a smart mineral!

Fulvic Acid Minerals are similar to Ionic Trace Minerals in absorbability. The Fulvic Acid “complexes” the mineral into an organic, ionic form that is more easily transferred into and through cell membranes. Essentially you’re getting more benefit from the nutrient as it is transferred right into the cell.

In both instances, most healthcare professionals agree that because Trace Minerals are needed in such low dosages and stored in the body when not in use, the risk of taking more than the recommended daily allowance is high and is toxic to the body. Few will agree that substituting healthy eating with trace minerals is a better choice. If you do suspect you may have a Trace Mineral deficiency, consult your personal physician before adding any minerals supplements to your diet.


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