Are Energy Drinks Safe on Heart Rate?

Are energy drinks safe on heart rate? In short, when used in moderation, they are safe, but they are not beneficial. Energy drinks have become quite popular, and they are highly available everywhere. From the store to any gas station, there are multiple products that promise to give you mass amounts of energy. Understandably, this has raised some health concerns on what this can do to your heart rate.

The Danger

Energy drinks, like most things, are permissible in moderation. Just like food and alcohol, your body can handle it; just find in appropriate amounts. Unfortunately, it today’s excess society, moderation is not considered a virtue and this can have disastrous results. Recently, two high school boys during their finals week drank six energy drinks back to back and died from it. They both went into cardiac arrest. Neither had previous heart conditions. Rather, each boy’s heart could not sustain itself beating at that high a rate for that long of a time. Obviously, this is an extreme example and is not meant to scare anyone, but rather show the serious nature of what high high amounts of caffeine can do to the heart.

What It Does

Energy drinks are composed of many different ingredients, such as guarana, taurine, caffeine, Cyanocobalamin, citric acid and ginseng. These are all fine in themselves, but when given in high amounts, it keeps the heart rate going at a higher level of Beats Per Minute (BPM) than what is appropriate for the situation. While under the influence of an energy drink, if you remain still, you can feel and often times hear your heart beat inside you. This should not be the case when you are resting and not physically exerting yourself in any way.

This may be alright for you, but what if you are put in an unexpected situation where you need to do something highly physical, and now you are starting with an already high BPM due to the energy drink. The combination of these factors could be too much for someone with a weak heart

When Mixing with Alcohol

Energy drinks and alcohol is a popular combination, but can be dangerous as well. The trouble is this: energy drinks are an upper. They dilate your pupils and increase your heart rate. They make you ready to spring into action. Alcohol is a depressant, or a downer. It makes your pupils constrict, and lowers your heart rate. Thus, when you combine an upper and a downer, as you do when you mix an energy drink with alcohol, your heart doesn’t know what to do. It goes back and forth between increasing and decreasing in BPM. This is not only unhealthy, but can also be dangerous. You are essentially throwing off the rhythm of you heartbeat. Once again, low levels are fine, but it is dangerous when moderation is thrown out the window.

Safety in Moderation

In short, energy drinks are safe, but much like an extreme roller coaster, it is not recommended for those with a heart condition or certain medical history. Make sure you know if your body can take an increased heart rate and always always keep everything in moderation.


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