Are Brown Eggs More Nutritious Than White Eggs?

Are brown eggs more nutritious than white eggs? So many people seem to think so. We’ve all heard it at different times through the years and wondered if it was true. A lot of people believe that brown eggs are healthier and more nutritious than white eggs. We are given the impression that some eggs are healthier, when we’re standing at the egg section faced with so many different choices. But what is the real difference. And what does the different color of an egg shell actually tell us about that egg?

What the Experts Say

There is actually no evidence that brown eggs are better for you. There is nothing to suggest that they taste any better, or are more nutritious than white eggs. The color of egg is determined by the hens that produce the eggs. Most hens that provide eggs, whether they are brown or white, for the commercial market are fed similar diets that include similar antibiotics and hormones. So, just because an egg is brown, doesn’t mean it was fed anything different that the white egg in the next carton.

Brown Eggs Usually Cost More

If there isn’t anything that makes brown eggs more nutritious than white eggs, than why do they usually cost more? The answer is simple; if the stores can charge more, they will. But, another contributing factor is that the hens that produce brown eggs are bigger breads and because of that they need more food, so of course the cost of feeding them is passed down to the store price.

Why Eggs Come in Different Colors

What determines the color of an egg if it isn’t something like the diet of the chicken to make it a healthier choice? It comes down to the breed of chicken that lays the eggs. The most common breed of chickens used are the White Leghorn, the Rhode Island Red and the New Hampshire. The White Leghorn, as its name would suggest, has white feathers, therefore its egg will have a white shell, and Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire have reddish brown feathers, so the eggs those hens lay will have brown shells.

To Sum It Up

Eggs are nutritious no matter what color the shell is. Eggs are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, they are a great source of vitamin B12, and a great source of antioxidants. The nutritional value of an egg doesn’t change with the color of the shell. Most eggs you find in a supermarket come from chickens that are all given the same basic diet.


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