Are Breakfast Bars a Good Breakfast-to-Go Option?

Breakfast bars are quick and easy ways to eat in the morning. There are a variety of flavors and brands you can choose from.  Depending on what the bar has to offer, it may not be as good for your health. Before you grab that bar, consider whether or not it’s a good break-to-go option.

Protein and Fiber

With a busy schedule of work or kids, you probably don’t eat a sit down breakfast every morning. It’s easier to rely on quick foods like breakfast bars. Most breakfast bars have great nutrition. However, there are some that may not be as fulfilling as a real meal. Breakfast bars are usually made with grains, protein and fiber. Some are made with chocolate and nuts. They are tasty alternatives when you’re on the go, but only keep you full for a short time. You may end up snacking mid-morning on something that is not as healthy for you. The best option for avoiding this problem is by eating only high-protein and fiber bars paired with fruit or yogurt. Protein and fiber are excellent ways to keep your appetite satiated.


Although the majority of breakfast bars have good nutrients, some are not the best option for getting all your nutrition. After awhile, your body starts to miss the vitamins and minerals found in whole grain cereals, eggs, fruit, orange juice and other breakfast staples. If you choose a breakfast bar, make sure it has a great number of vitamins and minerals. Avoid those that have less than 100% nutrients.


Breakfast bars can have a good amount of calories. These calories often lead to you gaining unwanted weight. Try to avoid eating bars with extra ingredients such as icing, frosting, sprinkles and chocolate. These ingredients add tons of taste, but are not good for your waistline.

Fats and Sugars

The fat in breakfast-to-go bars can add up over time. Also be aware of bars made with saturated fats. Saturated fat leads to heart disease, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels.

Most breakfast bar options have high amounts of sugars as well. The sugar immediately boosts your energy levels, but can subside just as quickly. This leads to snacking on other things that may be bad for your diet. You can end up with weight gain instead.

Additives and Preservatives

Some breakfast bar varieties have different additives and preservatives to prolong their shelf-life. These ingredients do not have any health benefits and may cause harm. The only good breakfast bars are all natural without preservatives and additives. A good rule of thumb to follow is: if you can’t pronounce the name, then it may not be something you need to eat.

Not all breakfast-to-go bars are bad for you. They can be good ways to get through a busy morning. But, you need to read the nutrition labels and ingredients carefully. It’s also recommended that you don’t skip too many morning meals. A complete breakfast gives you the energy to last until lunch. If you choose to eat a breakfast bar, do so once in a while.


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