Are Atlas Stones Right for you?

If you enjoy weight lifting, atlas stones may be what you need. The stones were named after fitness guru, Charles Atlas. They are very popular, and are widely utilized in strongman and fitness competitions.

Uses of Atlas Stones

Atlas stones are primarily designed to test one’s strength and capability. Due to its nature, they must be properly lifted to effectively determine strength levels.

Made of fine concrete, the stones can significantly build muscle and energy levels. There are also lifting exercises you can integrate into your repertoire. From crunch lifts to chest extensions, the stones are utilized to increase strength and build endurance. A wide array of on-line demonstrations is also available for your convenience.

Create Your Own Stones

Atlas stones tend to be a bit expensive, depending on the vendor. There are websites, however, that offer special rates and promotions. If you cannot find a suitable price, you might want to consider creating your own stones. You will need a few items in order to achieve desired results. These include a rubber ball, plaster, and mixing tools. Secondly, you will need a wooden structure to facilitate the weight of the ball.

Depending on the size you need, you will first have to create a mold. The cement can easily be poured in to fit the mold. After you eliminate unwanted material, simply cover the top with a damp cloth and let it rest. It should set within 2-3 days, and you can then begin using the stones.

If you are not sure about atlas stones, consult a professional fitness trainer. You will receive pertinent information that will assist you in making a worthwhile decision. Since the stones are hard in nature, you should also use them under careful supervision. Like any other exercise regimen, it is beneficial to discuss your goals with a physician as well.


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